Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Main Event Report 10-21-14

The show opens with what has to be the weirdest segment in Main Event history. JBL hosted "Know Your Bro" with the Usos and the Dust Brothers. It was basically the Newlywed Game but with brothers instead of couples. JBL tried way too hard to be funny and it came off as lame and awkward. Stardust stole the show and delivered a classic "yo mama" line. The Usos danced like their dad, JBL joined in and even Goldust got in on the dancing. The Usos would win the game in the end, but this didn't build towards their Hell in a Cell match well. It was strange and we had to sit through Michael Cole, doing what he does best, which is badmouth segments.

What 2014 WWE program would be complete without a rematch of something we saw the prior week? R-Truth comes out to face Tyson Kidd, who was with Natalya and had good old cats and facts on his trunks. During this match, Michael Cole has the nerve to call the Know Your Bro segment the "worst thing he's ever seen in a WWE ring." Really Michael? So you've never watched your WrestleMania 27 match huh? Anyway, Tyson pulls a Bret Hart and plays possum by feigning a knee injury, which allows him to win. He and Natalya were surprisingly cohesive here.

We move onto a match that means pretty much nothing as Bo Dallas loses to Big E. I literally have no idea why this happened. Dallas bragged about beating Mark Henry, which makes him the new "World's Strongest Man", but then goes out and loses to Big E. Whatever. The main event was, I believe another rematch, between Seth Rollins and Jack Swagger. This would be the match of the night as Seth and Jack had a very good contest but it was nothing special. Seth wins with the Curb Stomp, gaining momentum heading into Hell in a Cell.

All in all, not my favorite episode of Main Event. The opening segment was interesting but weird and none of the matches really stood out. The in-ring work was solid so it wasn't a bad episode, it just wasn't great. 5/10.