Monday, November 16, 2015

Top Five 11/9/15-11/15/15

1) Michael Elgin: Ring of Honor held their annual Survival of the Fittest Tournament this past week. The winner this year was former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin. Elgin now earned himself a shot at the ROH World Title and champion Jay Lethal. Winning Survival of the Fittest would normally be enough to top this list, but to add to his week, it was announced that Elgin gets his title shot at Wrestle Kingdom 10 in the Tokyo Dome. Granted that will depend on the outcome of Letahl vs. AJ Styles at Final Battle, but this is huge for Elgin and ROH. Wrestle Kingdom is a huge show and Elgin got super over with the Japanese audience during his fantastic G1 Climax run earlier this year.

2) Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson: The tag team division in NXT has been the weakest point for the brand. However, the division has certainly been improving as of late, with most of the teams on a level playing field. This week, the Vaudevillains lost their NXT Tag Team Titles to Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Their title win reminded me of the one by Blake and Murphy earlier this year. They kind of came from out of nowhere to win. I think they'll have a similar reign too where it gets better as time goes on. I like the duo and their old school style. Being the only title change of the week puts them in this spot.

3) Cesaro: My favorite match of the week was the one between Cesaro and Sheamus on Raw. It was the first round of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Cesaro and Sheamus always have good to great matches and this was another in a line of those. A lot of people expected Sheamus to win as Mr. Money in the Bank, especially considering Cesaro's penchant for losing. Cesaro was able to pull out the win though and set up a match against Roman Reigns in the second round. I don't expect to see Cesaro advance any further, but this was still a solid win for a guy that hasn't had many lately.

            4) Kalisto: While I didn't love the match on Smackdown between Kalisto and Ryback, it featured a huge upset. A lot of people, myself included, questioned why Kalisto was in the tournament. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but I was unsure about tag guys like him and Titus O'Neil getting in. Titus took a quick loss to Kevin Owens but Kalisto did the opposite. He upset a former Intercontinental Champion on Smackdown. I was definitely surprised at the result, but Kalisto moved on for a showdown with United States Champion Alberto Del Rio. That should be a fun first time ever match. Similar to Cesaro, I don't believe he'll move on any further, but it's still nice to see him get some singles shine.

5) Sasha Banks: People may question why Sasha Banks made the list this week. A lot of people don't watch Main Event and because of that, they missed a really good match. Sasha Banks faced Becky Lynch in the main event, giving us their first singles match since the great one they had at TakeOver: Unstoppable back in May. While this match wasn't quite on that level, it was still my second favorite of the week. Not only that, but it was another win for Sasha Banks, who remains unpinned and unsubmitted in her main roster career. Between her work in NXT and the main roster, Banks is easily one of the WWE's top performers in the year 2015 and that continues as we get closer to the end of the year.