Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smackdown Report 9-12-14

After a ten man tag team match main evented Smackdown last week, an eight man tag match opened things here. Theodore Long would be proud. Somewhere, he's wiping away a tear. Team one was Big Show, Mark Henry and the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos. Their opposition was The Dust Brothers and Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. I hate when the Wyatt Family is booked like they're just normal guys in the back. Their mystique should be better protected but I guess not. Good little clusterfuck that ended when Stardust got KO punched and then pinned after an Uso splash.

We get a recap of the John Cena/Paul Heyman promo from Raw and then the Authority discuss being villains backstage. Nothing major. Bo Dallas comes out for a match with Justin "I'm still relevant" Gabriel. The bell rings and Bo cuts a promo on Swagger. I love his character. So much. Zeb interrupts and badmouths him, even mentioning Ariana Grande. Funny. Bo still manages to win in about three minutes, including the promo. Not bad and continued this feud, which I have to commend for being a mid-card feud that's not for a belt. I miss these little rivalries. After the match, Swagger sends Bo running scared.

AJ Lee skips to the ring for commentary and look, it's my favorite time of the show. Paige is out for a non-title match against another of my favorite Divas, Summer Rae. This was the usual Smackdown Divas match that wasn't bad but only got like two minutes. Paige won using AJ's Black Widow, so AJ was pissed, entered the ring, and hit Layla with the Paige Turner. Fun stuff to continue their rivalry and I'm still not happy about the addition of Nikki Bella to my glorious feud. It's my two favorite Divas and then Nikki.

Michael Cole is the host for the International Arm Wrestling Contest between Mark Henry and Rusev. If Henry loses, does the "World's Strongest Man" gimmick mean nothing? Henry wins, so throw that out the window, with both the left and right hands. Of course, Rusev has to beat down on Mark Henry. Basic stuff. My love, Renee Young, interviews Chris Jericho, who puts over his Steel Cage match with Bray Wyatt as the best Steel Cage in Raw history. Nope, says Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit. The Jericho promo is intense as he calls himself the "Viper Vanquisher" and other names. Oh well, here's a picture of Lana in a bikini.

There's a $9.99 song. Understand that and go watch it. It's ridiculous but catchy. Anyway, The Miz and his stunt double, the incredible Damien Mizdow walk to the ring. Dolph Ziggler is out to the stage and says that he has his own stunt double. Ohmygoodness it's R-Truth in full Ziggler gear. HE DOES THE BUTT SHAKE ENTRANCE WITH HIM! This was about a nine minute bout and was decent at best. The Ziggler/Miz match at Night of Champions should be fine just like it was at SummerSlam but the story tonight was R-Ziggler and he hit the Zig Zag to win. Stealing the show couldn't be more true tonight, pun intended. The pun is always intended.

Recap time as we pretty much have to watch the entire Jerry Springer/Bella segment, with JJ Bella and everything. Byron Saxton is backstage with Nikki Bella but her interview is cut off by AJ Lee. AJ calls her a lap dog for Stephanie McMahon before Paige shows up and also disrespects Nikki Bella before telling AJ that it's between them and that she loves her. God, there was so much greatness with this promo. AJ and Paige being awesome and completely acting like Nikki is irrelevant, which she should be.

The main event tonight features Randy Orton teaming with fellow Authority member Seth Rollins to take on Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns. Again, Teddy Long watches like a proud papa. This would be the longest match of the night, going for eleven minutes and Reigns made the entire Tumblr world cry when he told Seth that "he will always be his little brother." Jericho gets the win for his team by pinning Orton. Decent stuff, but again, nothing to write home about.

Another week, another decent Smackdown. Nothing major happens but we got some solid wrestling and that's all I can ask for since Smackdown isn't as important as it used to be. 6.5/10