Sunday, July 20, 2014

Battleground Predictions

Here it is. Tonight marks the first WWE Pay-Per-View since I began my blog. So, it's time for my predictions. As a whole, I think this is a rather impressive card as I'm looking forward to six of the eight matches. That's a big number for a show that is kind of a throwaway in between Money in the Bank and SummerSlam.

On the Battleground Kickoff show, we get the Funkadactyls exploding! It's not a huge deal, but two of the Total Divas meet before the show officially begins. Now, Cameron has been doing fine in her heel role, but her ring work is still far from being where it needs to be and Naomi needs a bounce back win after losing at Money in the Bank.

Prediction: Naomi

Last month at Money in the Bank, these two teams opened the show and, if it wasn't for the Money in the Bank Ladder match, would've stolen the show. After a great 2013, the WWE Tag Team division is lacking again, but these are the two top teams. And what do you do with the top two teams? You give them a 2 out of 3 Falls match. It brings me back to the days of Demolition vs. The Hart Foundation at SummerSlam 1990. Back to the topic at hand, it might be time for the Wyatts to finally win the big one but I'll pick with my heart and choose The Usos. They are tag team wrestling right now.

Winners: The Usos

I went with my heart on the last one, but I'm not that stupid here. I would love to see Jack Swagger win and maybe get a decent push as a face. But, I don't see Rusev losing any time soon. He's going to stay undefeated until he runs into John Cena, Sheamus or Roman Reigns. And unfortunately for Swagger, he's none of those guys. At the very least, can I get a non-finish here so this can continue?

Winner: Rusev

Women's wrestling is something I'm a huge fan and supporter of and these are my two favorite Divas. The night after WrestleMania, we basically got a one move match and Paige wins. The night after Money in the Bank, we get another short match that AJ Lee wins. This is their first chance to have an actual match and I hope it delivers. I see AJ Lee winning, causing Paige to snap out of this "frenemies" thing and go all "NXT Anti-Diva" on everyone. Even if the turn doesn't happen tonight.

Winner: AJ Lee

Right off the bat, a good majority of these guys have zero chance. I'm looking at you Heath Slater, Zack Ryder, Sin Cara, Diego/Fernando, R-Truth, Xavier Woods, Great Khali, Titus O'Neill and Rybaxel. Basically, it's really between only a few possible people. I don't see guys like Kofi Kingston, Big E or RVD winning. Sheamus could unify the belts, but I don't want that. Bo Dallas would be a good choice, but he might not be ready. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio are my two favorite choices to win because one, they would put on great matches consistently and two, they both could use the push. But in the end, the WWE is going to do their best to get Cesaro over.

Winner: Cesaro

This one is tough to call. I know that everyone is all "Jericho is only here to put Bray over" and that is true. But, does Chris Jericho need to lose the first match? In the end, Bray Wyatt will of course go over. I don't know if Bray can afford yet another big loss so quickly after John Cena killed him. In the end, I see a really good match and Jericho putting over the youngster here.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

There is no match on the card that I'm looking forward to more than this. My two favorite members of the The Shield collide. I've also been a Seth Rollins fan since his Tyler Black days in Ring of Honor and other indies. This is another tough call. On the one hand, I see Dean Ambrose winning because if their rematch at SummerSlam is for the briefcase, I doubt Seth will lose there. But, on the other hand, Dean might not be inclined to get his revenge just yet. I originally picked Dean to win, but I'm changing it to Seth because maybe the rematch won't be for the briefcase.

Winner: Seth Rollins

So remember how I said I'm only looking forward to six of the eight matches? Well the two I'm not excited about are the Naomi/Cameron match and this one. Don't get me wrong, it has potential to be a good Fatal Four Way, but if you think that John Cena isn't going to overcome the odds (yet again) to set up Brock Lesnar and Plan C, then you haven't been paying attention. Matches with totally obvious outcomes are boring. Some people think it's Roman Reigns' time but I disagree completely. The guy hasn't proven anything and it's time for Cena/Lesnar.

Winner: John Cena

So there you have it. Battleground Predictions. Until next time.

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