Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lucha Underground "A Fenix to a Flame" Review

Round two of the Cueto Cup begins!

Cueto Cup Second Round: Jeremiah Crane vs. Taya
Taya began with a slap, so Crane kicked the shit out of her. He held nothing back, adding a massive cannonball on the outside. They did some brawling around the ring, highlighted by a Taya cross body. Inside, Taya ran absolutely wild and Matt Striker sold the fuck out of it. The fans got way behind Taya because of it. They exchanged some brutal strikes, but Taya got too cocky as she went to the top. Sexy Star appeared and distracted Taya, allowing Crane to hit a bicycle kick. She still got a near fall on a rollup, but fell to cranial contusion at 6:23. Hard hitting, fun and with a hot crowd, this was a good choice to open. I didn't love the finish though, as Taya was so over with the crowd that Sexy came off like a heel of sorts. [***]

Post-match, Sexy laid out Taya with brass knuckles, getting some revenge.

Backstage, Fenix worked out when Aerostar came up to him and discussed their issues with former partner Drago. Fenix asked Aerostar, a time traveler, if he's gonna win tonight. Aerostar playfully didn't answer.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Paul London
London played mind games early, dancing around and avoiding Mil's grip. He got caught, but managed to get free and started running around the ring. Mil finally got him and beat the shit out of him. London bumped like a madman, though he may not have had much of a choice. Mil was a monster. Some of the middle of the match lacked a bit, but when London kicked out of a chokeslam, it picked back up. London got a near fall on a shooting star press that the fans bit on. Mil then murdered him with a spear and won via Flatliner at 9:29. That was a lot of fun. London's act was enjoyable, he got in the right amount of hope spots and Mil murdered him at times. [***1/4]

After the match, Catrina gave London the lick of death, which led to a camera shot of him smiling. The fans chanted "lucky bastard."

In a bar somewhere, Brenda met up with Texano and flirted. They drank some whiskey and Brenda admitted to being tipsy. She told him he was boring and dull. Texano broke the bottle in his hand and said he wasn't dull. She said he needed a woman's touch. Famous B watched from afar like a creeper. I mean, Texano is pretty boring.

Next week, Cage takes on Pindar, Prince Puma goes up against PJ Black and Son of Havoc faces Dante Fox.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Fenix vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez w/ Mariposa
Marty had a lunchbox and shoved a sandwich in Melissa Santos' mouth. She spat it back at him and introduced Fenix. Lots of high quality character work from Marty. He IS the moth and you can tell each time he's out there. He ripped at Fenix's mask, jealous of his relationship with Melissa and wanting to do more than just win. Fenix fought back with a vicious spin kick in the corner and a great double stomp. Marty busted out some of the biggest offense we've ever seen from him, but the Fenix would not die. He couldn't even stand at one point. Mariposa attempted to use the lunchbox as a weapon, but Melissa stopped her! Fenix pulled Marty into a great pinning combination to win at 10:31. These two told a great story. Marty was vicious, Fenix wouldn't die and the Melissa interaction was a great payoff to her story with Marty so far. [***1/2]

Afterwards, Marty clocked Fenix with the lunchbox. He pulled out a fork and repeatedly jabbed it into Fenix's head. Mariposa held Melissa and forced her to watch. Marty shouted that he did it for her and that he loves Melissa.

Overall: 7.5/10. Highly entertaining stuff this week. We got three good matches, which all told a good story. They also furthered a few angles (Famous B/Texano, Fenix/Marty, Sexy/Taya) and set up Mil/Crane, which has the Catrina angle in the middle. Lots of fun this week, with Marty being the MVP.

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