Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Main Event 12/31/14

In an interesting note, Main Event kicked off with an appearance by Edge and Christian. They hosted another edition of the Cutting Edge Peep Show, since the last one went oh so well. Their guest is a much less dangerous one than Seth Rollins, in Adam Rose. He comes out with some fine looking rosebuds, one of whom has Edge's puppet stunt double. They ask questions about the Bunny, which leads to Rose saying the Bunny isn't allowed on the Exotic Express. E&C want the Roesebuds to pose with them, but Rose forbids it, leading them to do what E&C want anyway. Strange opening segment to be honest, but some of those Rosebuds were indeed smoking.
In a phenomenal surprise, we get some NXT to open the wrestling portion of Main Event. And not just any NXT superstars but the NXT Divas. In a rematch of the best women's match of the year, Sasha Banks and Charlotte went at it on a relatively bigger stage. They got more time than the Divas matches we get on a three hour Raw. This baffles me. The crowd didn't really know them beforehand, but they grew to really enjoy them throughout the match. Both girls worked hard and this was a smaller version of their R Evolution classic. It featured similar spots but it was a condensed version as it was five minutes. Charlotte won with the Natural Selection, but this was damn good.
Santino Marella was throwing a New Year's Eve party but nobody showed up. Well, we got skits with Erick Rowan and R-Truth appearing, but nothing special. It was only mildly funny. Next, we moved into a match between Justin Gabriel and Titus O'Neil. Titus seems to be a fair amount of C show pushes, that start and stop. He cut a promo saying that he's the Gator, but Gators don't bark, they bite. He then proceeded to bark which was pretty contradicting. Anyway, Titus wins a pretty short match.
After a Raw recap that includes a fair amount of focus on the Daniel Bryan announcement segment. We move into our main event, which is a non-title match that we've seen about 1000 times in 2014, so why not end the year with it? The Usos, our new WWE Tag Team Champions, took on Stardust and Goldust. For the second time in recent memory, they seem to be teasing another breakup or dissension between the Dust Brothers. Maybe it will happen and give us Cody Rhodes back. Who knows? Not even creative I bet. The Usos win in about 13 minutes, in a solid match but it was something we've seen a ton of times already.
So there you have it. The final WWE show of 2014. It was pretty solid. The opening segment was weird and rather long but the NXT Divas match stole the show. NXT continues to shine when given a chance to strut their stuff. The final two matches were standard stuff, but nothing special. 6.5/10.