Saturday, August 23, 2014

Smackdown Report 8-22-14

Smackdown opened with "The Viper" Randy Orton and hopefully this is a better promo than his usual stuff. He says that he's focused on tonight and he will put down Rob Van Dam to make up for his loss to Roman Reigns. He wants to take the fans' respect because he's the greatest Superstar of this generation. Somebody forgot to tell him that John Cena exists. This was very short and then we are joined by Seth Rollins. Orton shakes his hand on the ramp and it looks like Seth vs. Jack Swagger will be the opening contest. This got a good amount of time and both guys put on a good showing. There was pretty much non stop action and Seth hit the Blackout leading to the countout victory. The inspirational Bo Dallas is out to call Jack an American zero and promises to be the new American sweetheart. I'm all for it.

The Miz is backstage being as douchey as possible and he's rather rude to Kane so gets booked against Roman Reigns again tonight. Oh joy. Anyway, Rusev is out to face Sin Cara. I guess he doesn't just go against straight Americans. He doesn't like Mexicans either. Equal opportunity hatred and I appreciate that. Of course, he wins and Lana has to speak after the match. Mark Henry comes out and is all like "THATS WHAT I DO". Lana has Rusev leave and Henry questions his manhood for allowing a woman to hold him back. Renee Young, in all of her perfection, interviews Rob Van Dam about his upcoming match with Randy Orton but he's chill about it. Whatever dude.

Time for the bout between Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton. When I think of these two together, I always remember that ridiculous sell job that RVD did on the RKO where he nearly broke his neck back in like 2007. This had potential to be much better as they seemed to go through the motions. Randy Orton got to vicious and the official called for the disqualification. Orton wasn't done as he hit RVD with an RKO on an open steel chair. I guess this sort of gets him back his momentum after losing to Roman Reigns but he never really had an momentum. Renee Young interviews Reigns who claims that he's fine with continuing the fight with Orton. Oh no. I don't want more of this feud.

After beating the Divas Champion on Raw, Natalya gets another match with Paige here on Smackdown. This one lasted longer and was better, but once again, AJ came down to the ring. She takes the Divas Title and starts to leave with it, but leaves it on the ramp. Paige goes to get it and makes it back in the ring at the count of eight, only to be put in the Sharpshooter. AJ comes back down, grabs the belt and holds it as Paige stares at her and taps out. I get the storyline, but couldn't Paige have just lost by countout? This is like when Eva Marie beat AJ heading into SummerSlam. Stupid booking to protect the Total Divas girls with the show returning. Sigh. Let's all enjoy Paige/AJ while we can before the Total Divas get all the title shots again.

Tag team action followed when the two strangest tag teams in the WWE met. The Dust Brothers faced the Wyatt Family and their stupid "WHOLE WORLD" intro to their theme. The Usos cut a promo on a split screen that was pretty funny. Talking about which team has the better face paint and such. Anyway, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were pegged to be the next Tag Team Champions...then everything went sour. They lost to Big Show and Mark Henry and they lost here tonight. I'm not too mad because I love Cody and Goldust though. They do redeem themselves a bit by beating the hell out of Cody and Goldust after the match though.

I know that Smackdown has a lot of Raw recaps and I do complain often about the amount of recaps we get but this is absurd. Nearly the ENTIRE promo of Brock Lesnar receiving the new WWE Title on Raw is shown. It's like 25 minutes long. No lie. Ridiculous to see it all. Anyway, Randy Orton slowly walks to the ring during the main event, which is essentially Roman Reigns squashing The Miz. This guy was Intercontinental Champion less than a week ago. Randy Orton is shocked at the result for some reason and the fight is on! The brawl is actually pretty good, but again, I just can't get into this feud. It has two of the top guys in the company but it just doesn't feel special or like it's must see.

Not the best episode of Smackdown. Again, too many recaps and this time, the matches weren't anything special. The only good match was the opener and the Dust Brothers tag match was decent. You honestly don't have to go out and see anything else. 3/10.