Saturday, March 21, 2015

Impact Wrestling 3/20/15 Review

Following last week's excellent episode, I'm hoping for another good Impact. A good way to start is with Ultimate X. This was the first thing to catch my eye in TNA and I'm glad to see it back. The Tag Team Titles were on the line as the Wolves took on the BroMans and the Revolution. DJ Z took Robbie E's spot as he's still not in a good place mentally after losing to Brooke last week. It featured the usual cool spots, especially since the Revolution wisely sent out Manik and Sanda since they are former X Division Champions. A total breakneck pace contest, that you should check out if you want to have a fun ten minutes. The Wolves retain, which was the right booking decision too.

Austin Aries was out next to talk about the Beat Down Clan stealing his briefcase and he wants it right now. Low Ki and Samoa Joe come out to combat him. Aries says that they stole his briefcase and Ki stole his X Division Championship, so he wants a match with both things on the line now. Ki declines unless Aries can go through Samoe Joe. In what is one of Joe's final matches in TNA, he has a pretty good outing against Aries. I remember a time when Aries took the ROH Title from Joe. Time flies. Aries wins via disqualification because Low Ki gets involved. Aries is able to dodge a briefcase shot before knocking out Low Ki with it. Not only does he get his briefcase back but here comes ROCKSTAR SPUD! After last week's star making main event performance, he's here to cash in his X Division title shot! He hits the Underdog and wins his first title. I don't get to say this often about TNA but this was magnificent booking and timing. Hot off the heels of last week's performance, Spud cashes in so Ki stays strong and does it in his home country. Excellent all around.

The feud between Bram and Magnus continued as Magnus attacked him backstage. It was a brawl that spilled to the ring area so the fans can enjoy. They conveyed Magnus' fire at the personal attacks on his family well. Mickie James appeared as well, not pleased with Bram to add to it. Good segment. Magnus puts the stamp on this by powerbombing Bram onto the ramp. One thing I always give TNA props for is that their titles are pretty consistently defended on TV. That was clear as our second of three title matches came up. Taryn Terrell defended her Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim and Awesome Kong. I think this was a wise booking move since you're not giving away Taryn/Kong, while continuing the Kim/Kong rivalry and Kim always adds to a Knockouts match. This was very well done and an enjoyable contest. Taryn retained after rolling up Kim, keeping Kong strong for her eventual singles shot. Great match.

The big episode continues with a No Disqualification match between James Storm and Matt Hardy. TNA should probably stop taping so many shows at once. I get that it's a money saver, but it's been forever since we've seen Jeff Hardy. Storm wins and lays out Matt with the cowbell. Solid stuff. We move to the highly touted and hyped main event. Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Lashley for the first time ever. It is indeed a big time match and I enjoyed the match. Angle wins the gold with the Ankle Lock. Now, I dig the match but I hate the outcome. I'm so tired of TNA's constant need to always put the title on Angle. He's their go to and I need something new. It was a nice little moment though.

For the second straight week, TNA puts on a really good show. I didn't like the outcome of the main event but I digress. TNA has been quietly putting out consistently good shows since the Destination America move and this was another in that string. 8/10.