Sunday, September 20, 2015

Night of Champions Predictions

Remember when Neville was one of the coolest things going in wrestling during his excellent NXT Title run last year? He could still be that but main roster creative has decided that he is the new Evan Bourne. The guy with the really cool high flying finisher and NOTHING more. He and Stardust are two of my favorite performers but, outside of the Stephen Amell appearance last month, they've been pre-show mainstays. I love the idea of the Cosmic Wasteland as super villain Stardust could use some henchmen and it gives the Ascension something to do. I really want them to win here, but I've picked a fair amount of heels and don't think there are major plans for the Cosmic Wasteland.

Winners: Neville and the Lucha Dragons

Can someone please explain to me how Rusev is the heel in this feud? He's come off as the more sympathetic character while Dolph Ziggler has been a total tool. Regardless, he has been booked as the face and I have to think he should win out soon but I'm not going to pick that. Rusev has still only been pinned by two people, John Cena and Cesaro. Not only that, but, while he's no longer dominant after the horrible Cena feud, Rusev has never been more entertaining. Along with Sasha Banks, New Day and Seth Rollins, there is nobody I look forward to seeing more each week than Rusev. He's been the only redeeming thing about this rivalry and he should win here.

Winner: Rusev

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family was really cool. This diet, watered down version of the feud...not so much. The outcome of the match would seemingly come down to who the mystery partner is. If it's someone disappointing, which I think it will be, the Wyatts win. If it's a big deal, the faces win. Since I believe it will be someone we don't really care for, I pick the Wyatts to win. They came out of Battleground looking good, while the faces went over at SummerSlam. I'm going to go with the Wyatt Family here, via Braun Strowman looking like a beast, before things finally end at Hell in a Cell with the faces going over there.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Similar to their match at SummerSlam, I can't really get excited for this. They've faced off far too many times for me to care. Despite that, I do think their SummerSlam match was their best outing, mainly because of Seth Rollins. John Cena has been great at times in 2015, but Seth was on a different level on that night. I don't expect them to match that here, since Seth has to save some energy for the main event. I sense they open things, which would be an interesting place to find Cena. I said it during the Rusev feud and again during the Owens feud, but I'm going to keep picking John Cena to win on these PPVs until he losing a program. It hasn't failed me yet.

Winner: John Cena

It's cool that Seth Rollins holds both titles right now but Kevin Owens absolutely should be the US Champion right now. His match against Cesaro at SummerSlam could have actually meant something. Instead, he's gone from must see TV to another guy that's kind of just there. I don't mind Ryback and I think he was a solid choice for IC Champion but between his injury and the awful program with Miz and Big Show, his reign has been incredibly forgettable. He absolutely should win the IC Title here to make up for not winning the US Title. Unfortunately, I don't have faith in the WWE's faith in Kevin Owens. I think Ryback retains here and if the match manages to exceed expectations, maybe Owens wins a rematch.

Winner: Ryback

There may not be a match that I'm more excited to see. The Dudley Boyz are the kind of veterans that I like to see return. They can still go and I don't believe that they have problems putting anyone over. Also, I actually enjoy them unlike the New Age Outlaws and their return in 2014. Meanwhile, New Day has been the most enjoyable thing about the WWE in recent months, only getting more entertaining by the week. Every single time I think they can't top themselves, they do and I love it. The Dudley Boyz just returned and New Day just won the straps so that means the WWE would probably pull the trigger here. I think that's a bad call though as New Day should retain via shenanigans and make the Dudleys wait.

Winners: The New Day

Honestly, if the WWE wants to prove that Nikki didn't just break the record for the sake of breaking it, she kind of needs to retain here. If she doesn't, it just seems like she made it to 296 days just because. Their match on Raw was going pretty well until the awful finish. Without shenanigans, I truly think they could have a really good PPV match. That being said, I kind of see some more shenanigans. Nikki retaining and AGAIN depriving the fans of seeing a new champion could bring massive heat. They've done a ton wrong with the "Divas Revolution" but I think that bringing a lot of heat to the angle could help. Give me a reason to want Charlotte as champion. Granted, as a fan of NXT, I already want her to win, but for the casual person who didn't see NXT, there is no reason to really cheer for Charlotte. They barely tell you to boo the Bellas, who work as faces half of the time, and all they tell us about Charlotte is that she's Ric Flair's daughter. I think Nikki retains and loses the title until about the one year mark.

Winner: Nikki Bella

I'm honestly pretty nervous about this match. You see, the only decision that makes sense to me is to have Seth Rollins win here. He just defeated John Cena to become the US and WWE Champion, so why drop the big belt to Sting here? Since him losing wouldn't make sense, that is exactly why I'm worried that it will happen. Granted, Sting starting his career 0-2 isn't the greatest, which just goes back to why he should have hone over Triple H at WrestleMania. I also realize that Sheamus is lingering but I really would rather not see him as WWE Champion. Anyway, I'm still looking forward to this because a guy that I fell in love with on the indies is going to wrestle Sting for the WWE Title. I never expected that. Consider me hopeful as I think Seth retains.

Winner: Seth Rollins

2015 Prediction Record: 42-25
2014 Prediction Record: 22-18 (Only five PPVs)