Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fave Five 6/8/15-6/14/15

1) Seth Rollins: While 2014 may have been the year of Seth Rollins, 2015 has been off to a rough start. Sure he won the WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania, but since then, he has been booked pretty terribly. His record in 2015 before that and since has left something to be desired. Hell, he even lost to J&J Security this past Monday. However, what he did in the main event of Money in the Bank was enough to overcome that and take the throne here. He went out, on his own and retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose. This was a brutal ladder match that showed how good Seth can be. Some of the stuff he did reminded me of Triple H's "Cerebral Assassin" style. He was cunning. he was vicious, he looked like a badass and it was exactly the kind of title defense that his reign has lacked so far.

            2) John Cena: John Cena has actually been very good so far with the United States Title. With the exception of two stinkers against Rusev at Extreme Rules and Payback, he has been on fire. After putting Kevin Owens in a big way at Elimination Chamber, Cena evened the score at Money in the Bank. It was another thrilling match, though I preferred their first encounter. Cena winning is obviously the biggest reason for his spot on the list, but he did his best to step his game up. He busted out some new offense and while most of it isn't technically pretty (that springboard stunner is still hideous), I give him props for trying new things. Also, taking the apron powerbomb after allowed Owens to keep some heat despite the loss. Cena is doing really good for the WWE this year and I hope it continues. He just needs to put Owens over in the rubber match so we don't get the same old thing we've seen countless times.

3) Sheamus: Man, people were pissed about Sheamus winning Money in the Bank. I saw as many negative posts about that as I did Game of Thrones fans after that finale. In my mind, besides Roman Reigns, Sheamus was the best choice. He's been great as the bully heel. I'm not sure that he successfully cashes in since there is only one world title now, but this is still a big win for him. He adds it to his long list of accomplishments that includes two WWE Titles, a World Title, two US Titles, a King of the Ring and a Royal Rumble.

4) Kurt Angle: I have expressed the fact that I dislike TNA putting the title on Angle before. That hasn't changed, but the guy has put on consistently good matches with it. This week, he had two successful TNA World Title defenses in one episode. First, Angle defeated Rockstar Spud, who I am happy to see get a shot since he's been great as of late. Then, Austin Aries used his Feast or Fired briefcase to get his title shot. Aries joined a list of people to unsuccessfully cash that in. Seriously, nobody has been able to successfully cash in the World Title briefcase. Anyway, Angle put on two good matches, winning both and adding to a good reign. Hopefully it ends to EC3 very soon though.

5) Prime Time Players: The WWE has played hot potato with the Tag Team Titles lately and the Prime Time Players are the latest benefactors. Kidd and Cesaro and New Day were both red hot when they dropped the belts so I wasn't hoping for a change here. However, it was still a cool moment to see. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil honestly should have been champions way back in 2012 but we had to wait through a break up, reformation and three years to get it. I don't think they were the best option for champs, but they deserve to make this list.