Saturday, August 30, 2014

Smackdown Report 8-29-14

Coming off of another loss to John Cena, Bray Wyatt was now looking to be fed to Roman Reigns. It's surprising that this is opening the show and I totally expect it to not have a clean finish. What follows is a solid four or so minutes of action before Luke Harper and Erick Rowan enter the ring and cause the disqualification. This brings out Mark Henry and Big Show, who now have matching attire, and of course, because Smackdown is still run by Teddy Long in spirit, tonight's main event will now be a six man tag team match playa. 

After commentary finally introduces us to the show, we get another match between Seth Rollins and Rob Van Dam. I guess I was wrong when I said that RVD's last match during this run was on Main Event. He won that Main Event match via countout, but took the loss here tonight. It was pretty good but short at four minutes. It's weird that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were two of the first guys we see yet they didn't interact. Next up, we have to sit through the god awful Bella Twins segment from Raw. It was terrible on Monday and it was terrible here. 

We get a quick spot saying that we can relive the first episode of Smackdown on the WWE Network and the best part is that it features the original Smackdown theme. Short matches seem to the theme of the night as the Divas Champion Paige is out next to face Emma. The difference between their NXT matches and this one minute match is startling. I loved the NXT Women's Title Finals and their match at ArRival was really good. Whatever. Stupid main roster. AJ Lee shows up after with a box of chocolates and offers it to Paige. She takes one and eats it but then spits it AJ. That was the one thing they've done that I didn't find hot. They're still awesome though.

We go from AJ, Paige and Emma to Lana. I appreciate this. She cuts a promo putting over Rusev and Putin. We must watch Rusev against Jack Swagger again because this isn't getting old. Rusev beats him. Again. That's like, 5-1 and Swagger's one win came via disqualification or counout or something like that. This loss was because of Bo Dallas, as the Dallas/Swagger dynamic continues, although it's weird. Dallas attacks after the match as well. In the back, Miz was being annoying so he gets booked against Sheamus.

Goldust apologizes for his and Stardust's actions on Raw where they attacked The Usos after beating them by countout. It looks like it's going to be Stardust taking on Jimmy Uso. Because it's Smackdown and they'd rather use the two hours on recaps than in ring action, this gets about one minute. Jimmy Uso wins with a rollup so The Dust Brothers get pissed again and attack them. I'm all for an Usos/Dust Brothers match at Night of Champions. I'm not all for Smackdown having nothing but short bouts. Oh well, here's some WWE 2K15 Goldust for you.

Sheamus comes out for his match with The Miz but once again, Miz brings out his stunt double, Damien Mizdow. If Kane wants to punish Miz, why does he allow this? Another short match that Sheamus wins. Miz tries to attack Sheamus after the match but fails, so Dolph Ziggler shows up and sends him back in the ring. Miz escapes the Brogue Kick, so Damien Mizdow gets it instead. Another boring segment. The biggest news is the announcement that Sheamus will defend the United States Title at Night of Champions against Cesaro. Should be hard hitting fun.

We get another hype video for Brock/Cena again and man, I really hope that Brock retains. There is literally no point in Cena getting the belt back at this time. The six man tag pitting Roman Reigns, Mark Henry and Big Show against the Wyatt Family came up now and got about fifteen minutes. It was decent but nothing really special. The Wyatt Family loses again because they are pretty worthless at this point. Seriously, the constant losing really hurts them even if Bray is someone who doesn't care about wins and losses.

Another week, another ho hum Smackdown. The matches were too short to be really enjoyable. 5/10. Until next time, follow me on Twitter @the_kevstaaa.