Saturday, November 15, 2014

Smackdown Report 11-14-14

Our final stop on the UK Tour is Smackdown and it begins with the return of Chris Jericho, who is hosting the Highlight Reel. Before he introduces his guests, he reveals that he thinks the Bunny is actually Funaki. That leads to a Funaki chant. You can't make this up. The Authority arrive as Jericho's guests. Stephanie says that they give the fans what they want and nobody could do what they do. Jericho says anybody could, but that's not true Chris. Have you seen some of the ideas that people toss around online? Anyway, he mocks the Authority and shows the clip of Stephanie getting tossed into mud or whatever by Vickie Guerrero in June. They get serious and walk out as the crowd sings "hey hey goodbye". I get that this got Jericho on my TV, which I always like since he's my second favorite of all time, but it didn't accomplish much.

What would  Smackdown be without some good old fashioned rematches. Bray Wyatt steps into the ring with Sin Cara just like he did on Main Event two weeks ago. I'd like to point out that I think the WWE is missing an opportunity by not having Sin Cara come out with his NXT Tag Team Title. They could promote that he's a champion. Anyway, this goes just about how you'd expect. It takes just over two minutes and Bray wins. He gets on the microphone and brings up Dean Ambrose's dad again. The dad stuff feels rather forced. Dean responds so Bray goes outside and calls him predictable. He says that it is Dean who wants to fight and he gets back inside only to get punched. Bray quickly retreats and talks about having the light and Dean doesn't have to be in the dark. Bray's stuff is weird and not always in a good way.

Non-Title tag team action follows as the Dust Brothers face Adam Rose and the Bunny. I'm not a fan of the Bunny stuff but I guess the kiddies do like it. Again, this only gets about two minutes but the right team wins as the Champions win. After the match, Rose is not happy and he nails the Party Foul on the Bunny. Dolph Ziggler gets interviewed because he's been put in a Triple Threat Elimination match for his Intercontinental Title. It's basic stuff. Next comes a Ryback video package, followed by an interview with him. He says that Kane should worry about surviving tonight and that he is on Team Ryback.

Speaking of Dolph Ziggler and the Intercontinental Title, he defended it here in a match that went over 17 minutes! This is what I'm talking about. I just wish that this would've been announced in advance, got promoted correctly and could main event. If you could take three of the best workers in the company, Cesaro, Dolph and Tyson Kidd are damn good choices. All three men survive leading into the commercial until Dolph hits a Zig Zag on Cesaro. Tyson dumps him and steals the pin on Cesaro. OH THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD! These two go at it and steal the show before Dolph wins with the Zig Zag. I made sure not to go into play-by-play but damn this was great. You could tell that this was three guys who wanted to steal the show and worked their asses off to do so.

Keeping with theme of the TJ/Nattie family, Natalya looks for revenge after losing to her arch nemesis, Summer Rae last week. Summer's partner Layla takes her on and this went four minuets. Longer than the first two matches actually. It was probably better too. Layla can work and of course, Natalya is damn good. Despite how terrible she seems on Total Divas, she does indeed win with the Sharpshooter. Something Tyson failed to do earlier. Byron Saxton goes to interview Dean Ambrose, but he's attacked by Bray Wyatt! Bray hits Sister Abigail into the wall and delivers more cryptic messages to him. It's odd that most of their build has been on Smackdown.

Unfortunately, that fantastic Triple Threat match wasn't able to main event so we have to sit through Ryback vs. Kane. It went about eight minutes but wasn't great. Of course, because the WWE continues to protect Kane for some unknown reason, not even Ryback is allowed to pin him as he wins via disqualification after Kane uses a chair. Triple H came out to instruct Kane on how to properly give a beatdown but Ryback makes a comeback and delivers one to Kane. Then he's all like "FEED ME MORE" to close the show.

Not the best episode of Smackdown, as nothing is really worth seeing. EXCEPT FOR THAT INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH! Seriously, that was one of the most creative, well thought out and hard fought matches I've seen in a while. With Kidd/Zayn, Zayn/Neville and this Triple Threat match, we've had three awesome matches this week. 5/10. I'll say it again...go see this Intercontinental Title match.