Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Main Event Report 11-25-14

Main Event kicked off with an appearance by the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Damien Mizdow. Miz cut a promo, while Damien did his stunt double stuff. He did look hurt when Miz claimed the one person that has always been by his side was the moneymaker and not Mizdow. They would then move into a five minute non-title match against Los Matadores. This was a solid little match and more tension was teased between the champions, especially after they won and Miz threw Damien's stunt titles to the floor. I enjoyed this opening.

Renee Young interviews the bogus "new and improved" Fandango, but instead of talking, he just makes out with Rosa Mendes. I damn near threw up in my mouth. He came out for a match against Adam Rose, which wasn't very good. Commentary kept trying to say how different Fandango is, but new attire doesn't make a new wrestler. Fandango still works the same style and it's still nothing impressive. Fandango wins with a leg drop after the Bunny attempts to dance with Rosa.

In the back, Natalya is talking with Tyson Kidd when Summer Rae and Layla come up and make jokes. Tyson laughs, which upsets Natalya and Summer and Layla hit her with a pie. No, not poontang pie. Natalya then steps into the ring with Layla and still has some pie on her face. Every single time I hear Layla's theme, it makes me miss LayCool badly. This got about five minutes and Natalya won via submission. Again, Tyson comes in and continues to be fantastic in his new character when he tries to take credit for his wife's win.

After a recap of Concessions Kane, he faces Dean Ambrose in our main event. This was pretty much every Kane/Ambrose match that we've seen over the past few months. The main difference is that Kane actually ate a pin tonight and it didn't end in some stupid disqualification. It went about nine minutes, Kane is not the same worker that he once was, even though he's in better shape now than he used to be. Decent match.

In the end, this was another solid episode. Nothing of major importance seems to happen on Main Event anymore, but it is usually a good showcase for performers and always seems to be an entertaining hour of wrestling. 5.5/10. Also, I know it wasn't last night, but I watched it last night. You should check out the mini documentary on the WWE Network on The Usos. It's only 30 minutes but it's pretty cool.