Friday, October 24, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 10-23-14

So I happen to enjoy the tag team of Tye Dillenger and Jason Jordan but it was clear they would suffer a loss to The Ascension to open the show. It made sense since the Ascension hasn't looked great since dropping the titles. They won a relatively short match which was followed by the arrival of Hideo Itami! He comes out to his badass theme but it was to no avail as he just took another beatdown. I'm okay with this but something has to give soon. Either he has to get help from someone or he has to get the better of them shortly.

CJ Parker enters for the next match as commentary discusses his recent losses to Baron Corbin, which went about a combined 30 seconds. He is set to face Tyler Breeze, which is strange considering they're both heels. Breeze wins a relatively short match as Mojo Rawley comes down and stalks the ring. It's like his new gimmick is a stalker of the gorgeous one. The Vaudevillains also competed here, besting Blake and Murphy. They once again were impressive but fell to the Vaudevillains. Commentary discussed how the Vaudevillains are a much more serious team now and, while I like that, I miss their theme.

Sasha Banks getting involved the NXT Women's Title picture is something I've wanted for a LONG time. She would face Bayley in my second favorite match of the night. I love both girls and am always torn when they meet. Sasha wins a fine match with her badass submission finisher and moves a step closer to a title shot. After the match, she attacks Bayley which brings out Becky Lynch to make the save. As Becky helps up Bayley, she then attacks her, turning heel. Bayley is turning into the Sting of NXT with all the times her friends/partners turn on her. I'm all for a heel Becky but I don't want her as a teammate of Sasha's. Both girls would do well on their own and don't need the other.

I'd like to point out that I love how many NXT Title defenses Adrian Neville has under his belt. I can count Bo Dallas, Brodus Clay, Tyler Breeze, the four way at TakeOver, Tyson Kidd multiple times and now Titus O'Neill. I'm also probably forgetting some. Titus impressed me here and I still feel that there is more the WWE could be doing with him. I'm not saying he's WWE Champion material but he can work and has a great personality. Adrian wins my pick for Match of the Night and gets congratulated atop the ramp by Sami Zayn. To make things better, Sami challenges Adrian for the title and it's accepted. That's gonna rock.

In the end, this was another fun episode of NXT. Five matches, nothing sucked and we got two really good ones in Bayley/Sasha and Titus/Adrian. 7/10. Onto Superstars, which I watched while doing a fantasy basketball draft. Tyson Kidd, with Natalya opened against Kofi Kingston.To be fair, this is Match of the Night overall as it was better than Titus/Neville. Great back and forth match that Tyson won. The main event was Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger and it was decent. Swagger won with the Ankle Lock. Nothing to write home about. 6/10.