Saturday, November 19, 2016

NXT TakeOver: Toronto Predictions

Only one match on the show is more exciting or interesting to me than this. I believe that Tye Dillinger should be one of the marquee names in NXT. He's been around for a while, is super over, has a good character and is very good in the ring. I'm glad he's getting a big match, especially in his home town, but I don't see him winning. The big name guys have been going over the homegrown guys for a while in NXT now and it will continue here. I do think Bobby Roode will eventually dethrone Nakamura, so a win here would make the most sense. I'm mostly hoping for a star making performance from Dillinger.

Winner: Bobby Roode

I like TM61. They are really good in the ring and I enjoyed their work as the Mighty Don't Kneel. The Authors of Pain haven't done much for me but I will admit that their two actual matches that haven't been squashes (vs. No Way Jose and Rich Swann and vs. #DIY) have been pretty damn good. This should be along the lines of those last two. Paul Ellering in a shark cage is a real throwback gimmick that I think is pretty cool. I think they'll tease that the Authors need him and TM61 will come close. The Authors will still win out and set up a future Tag Team Title match.

Winners: The Authors of Pain

Screw Goldberg vs. Brock. Screw the big Raw vs. Smackdown Survivor Series matches (though those sound fun). This is easily my most anticipated match of the weekend. These four guys had the best tag team match of 2016 in Brooklyn and they might be able to top themselves with the two out of three falls stipulation, which is one of my favorite stips in all of wrestling. The Revival have been champions twice now and I think it's about that time for #DIY. The Revival can drop the belts and move to the main roster, while #DIY would have more heel challengers lined up. Sanity and Authors of Pain stick out. Expect this to be the best match of the weekend.

Winners: #DIY

Even more than the NXT Title match, this outcome is clear. Asuka debuted last October and has yet to be defeated. Not Emma, not Bayley and not even another girl with a winning streak, Nia Jax, could beat her. It won't be Mickie James either. This is just a novelty match. Mickie is here to give the fans some nostalgia and show that she can still go. Asuka is going to win and I'm not sure what's next for her. The rest of the women's division hasn't really been built up to her level. Maybe something with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay coming up before the big match with Ember Moon.

Winner: Asuka

I'll admit that the brawls between these two leading up to the rematch have been awesome. You get a real sense that they hate each other and are willing to beat the shit out of one another at TakeOver. I fully expect this to be an improvement on their rather disappointing first battle in Brooklyn. The outcome of this is pretty clear to me. Samoa Joe doesn't need the NXT Title and should be going to the main roster soon. At the very least, he could move into a feud with hopefully healthy HIdeo Itami or something towards the end of the year. I honestly feel that the only guy taking the title from Shinsuke Nakamura will be Bobby Roode at some point.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura