Thursday, December 11, 2014

NXT TakeOver: R Evolution Predictions

Tonight, NXT presents their fourth and final Live Special of 2014. Their shows have been events that I've looked forward to more than a vast majority of the main roster PPVs. Tonight, there is a huge card set and I'm incredibly pumped for it so here are some predictions. Besides these four predictions, we can't forget about Corey Graves' big Pre-Show announcement and the debut of Kevin Owens!
We start with the NXT Tag Team Championship match. At the last special, The Lucha Dragons ended the dull and lengthy reign of the Ascension. Now, they have a big title defense against the Vaudevillains, who won a battle royal to earn this shot. The build has been fun as the Vaudevillains have put on fake movies and used the mini Lucha Dragons for comedy. However, the titles aren't changing just yet.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons
While I'm not out of this world excited for the Tag Team Title match, this is a different story. I happen to consider Sasha Banks the best of the NXT girls and I think that Charlotte is severely overrated. Don't get me wrong, Charlotte is good, but I think Sasha is all around better. Tonight is the night for Sasha to show it on the big stage. I hope this delivers and blows everyone away. Sasha needs to take home the belt. They can send Charlotte to the main roster or away from my favorite weekly show.

Winner: Sasha Banks
I saw a lot of Hideo Itami during his stints with Ring of Honor, including multiple live showings but he has disappointed in his NXT run. Things have improved with his partnership alongside Finn Balor. Balor has been incredible and their chemistry has been great. He promises to bring something the Ascension has never seen and I hope it's his body paint. Anyway, the Ascension has never been very impressive to me and, with the news of their main roster call up coming, I see the bigger stars winning.

Winners: Finn Balor and Hideo Itami
Here's the big one. The one that has been building nearly all year. Sami Zayn's last shot at the NXT Championship. Adrian Neville has had a fantastic run as the top guy in NXT, putting on nothing but great performances. Zayn, however, has been the man in NXT. The crowd gravitates more towards him and that has added something to this rivalry. Last week's promo was amazing as Zayn let loose on Adrian and their match a few weeks ago was a classic. I fully expect them to match or surpass that and this has Match of the Year potential.

Winner: Sami Zayn