Sunday, April 26, 2015

Extreme Rules Predictions

You know, I had a harder time picking the winner for this than I expected. Had this been straight up face New Day, it would be an easy win for Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. With the New Day working towards a full on heel turn, I could see them winning here and turning heel with the belts. I was real close to picking them. However, I see them actually losing here, which finally causes them to snap. I don't think Kidd and Cesaro should lose the belts until it is to the Lucha Dragons. Though with the way the WWE seems to care about this division, I expect them to flip a coin to pick the winner.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

I do not see this match taking place. What I see is Daniel Bryan being forced to relinquish the belt and Bad News Barrett cockily takes it. However, he gets told that he has to defend it to fully earn it. Out comes Neville and we get an Intercontinental Title match. Neville did pin Barrett on Smackdown. Part of me could see Neville capturing the belt here but I see Barrett retaining through nefarious terms. Neville should eventually dethrone him but it probably won't mean much since I can see Barrett getting bitched out while champion and losing a ton of non-title matches. It's a shame.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

This is another case of not knowing what to do with your midcard. The middle of the WWE is super talented, but has little to no direction. Dean Ambrose hasn't won a singles PPV match since September 2013. He has to win here...right? Right? I mean, Luke Harper has even less direction than he does. They should tear the house down, but I'd like to see Harper get a solid push after this. He should be the guy in Big Show and Kane's position on the card. Ambrose for the win here, though I'm not confident considering history.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

I don't understand what is going on with the Divas division. I understand Naomi turning heel, but are the Bellas faces now? Why doesn't Naomi have new music? Why is Brie Bella okay with Nikki after their feud last year? Whatever. I'm not sold on heel Naomi just yet and I'd rather Nikki work heel since she's become pretty great at it. I don't see Naomi winning here and I really don't want her to.

Winner: Nikki Bella

There is potential for this to be the best match on the card, but the stipulation is so ridiculous that it's hard to take it serious. I can just imagine Vince McMahon cackling because someone is going to have to kiss someone else's ass. Obviously, Sheamus isn't going to lose with his new heel persona. Hopefully, there is a way for Dolph Ziggler to lose and not actually have to kiss Sheamus' ass. Maybe as he's out cold Sheamus just shoves his face into his rear end? I don't know. Whatever.

Winner: Sheamus

And it's the match that nobody gives a flying fuck about. Chicago will most likely shit on this. Big Show should NOT be a relevant part of the main event in 2015. Thinking about it though, this might have been the best route to go. Chicago will probably be anti-Reigns if he faces anyone that's actually, you know, good. So put him against Big Show and maybe they think the crowd won't be as negative towards him. However, they'll probably just be negative to the match in general. Regardless, faces always win the Last Man Standing match against Big Show. Just ask Alberto Del Rio, MVP, etc. Roman Reigns will win and hopefully move onto someone of value.

Winner: Roman Reigns

This has to be the end of the feud right? I mean, it's the rubber match and it started way back in January. What makes this a Russian chain match instead of just a chain match is beyond me. I think the rivalry has been good but there's no way Rusev walks out as champion. John Cena has new merchandise with the US Title, and his open challenges has been one of the best things on weekly programming. Rusev won't get pinned so there's that. The real question is...what's next for him?

Winner: John Cena

At WrestleMania, Seth Rollins provided us with an awesome moment as he cashed in Money in the Bank and won the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Since then, his booking has gone back to shit. He looks like a complete bitch when it comes to Randy Orton but even more so when it comes to Kane. There is no way that the top guy in your company should look like a bitch against Kane in 2015. Add in that he got pinned on Smackdown in a match where his partner was Luke Harper, who loses all of the time anyway and it's all bad. Despite all of that, Seth retains here. He has to get his win back for Orton beating him at WrestleMania. With Kane as the guardian of the gate, I expect shenanigans though.

Winner: Seth Rollins