Sunday, May 17, 2015

Payback Predictions

I'm pretty sure that I haven't been this enthused about a KickOff match since Hornswoggle and El Torito faced off in a Hair vs. Mask match. However, Curtis Axel and Macho Mandow have been rather fun together and it's better than them wasting time by jobbing in singles matches. Take this for what it is; a fun tag team match for the crowd to enjoy.

Winner: The Meta Powers

The WWE really seems to have no idea what they have in Bray Wyatt. They don't know what to do with him most of the time. He could be so much more. He just wanders around and cuts weird promos before challenging people for no real reason. I can't get into him after his loss to the Undertaker. He calls himself the "New Face of Fear", even though he lost. So what was the point of the match for Bray? Anyway, in feuds like this, Bray does good. He massacred Dean Ambrose over the winter and Ryback is closer to Dean than he is to the likes of John Cena and Undertaker, who Bray sucks against. Expect a win for Bray here or a dusty finish. Expect me not to really care.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Nothing about this really interests me and I'm someone that looks forward to Divas matches. The WWE seemed to misinterpret the #GiveDivasAChance movement. It didn't just mean to give Divas longer matches. There should be character development. Why are the Bellas faces? Why should I cheer for them? Naomi is actually justified here. Regardless, this all feels like filler stuff until Paige returns or Charlotte gets called up. I see Naomi winning to earn one more title shot.

Winners: Naomi and Tamina

Heel Sheamus has been pretty awesome so far. I just wish he would lose the braided beard. It's not a good look. With the exception of the "Kiss Me Arse" stuff, this has been a really good midcard feud. When they brawl, they really beat the shit out of each other and it shows. While it's good that he didn't turn heel and just beat everyone, I like how vicious he has been. With classic WWE 50/50 booking at hand, I expect Sheamus to get his win back from Extreme Rules before moving into what I expect to be an Intercontinental Title run.

Winner: Sheamus

I wish that we didn't have to see a million variations of this in tag team matches as it diminished the feud a bit. However, they've only had two singles matches that I can recall. Extreme Rules last month and the King of the Ring Finals. They are currently tied. This should be a good match and part of me wants to pick Barrett to win since he is the King. But, I've picked multiple heels to win and, considering his booking in the past, I don't really expect much from him. Neville wins and gains momentum.

Winner: Neville

Honestly, this will probably be the match of the night. It was at Extreme Rules and this is Two out of Three Falls. Since winning the belts, New Day has been one of the most entertaining thing about the weekly TV shows. I think they could go a very fun route here and give us a different New Day pairing in each of the three falls. That would give us three different matches basically. I sense New Day retains here before possibly dropping the straps at Elimination Chamber.

Winners: New Day

There is nothing at all good about this match and program. First, they are dragging this feud out way too long. They had a really good match at Fast Lane, a decent one at WrestleMania and a shit one at Extreme Rules. Second, having this booked has hurt the drama of the open challenges. Lastly, this should effectively kill the Rusev character. I love his ring work so seeing him get killed like this sucks. Maybe if Lana throws in the towel, there's a chance he could save some face but I suspect he quits and is dead in the water.

Winner: John Cena

While I think this match will be good, something about it feels kind of cheap. Like, we're technically getting the Shield Triple Threat we all want, but with Randy Orton thrown in there. I love Seth and he certainly deserves to be the WWE Champion but this has all felt like filler until they are ready to pull the trigger on Roman Reigns. The fact that the focus has been on Kane making Seth his bitch more than the challengers tells you how important this match is. Seth retains in cheap fashion.

Winner: Seth Rollins