Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Main Event Report 9-3014

Due to a very busy day today, which includes nearly four hours of recording podcasts that I will link here, I am only recapping Main Event instead of the entire Tuesday night block. Sorry. Main Event opened with the Real Americans colliding as Cesaro went one on one with Jack Swagger. When they first split, Cesaro was getting the push so he beat Swagger. Then, Cesaro disappeared in the summer while Swagger was in the Rusev program and Swagger beat him. Here, Cesaro is back in the mid-card title picture, so he won a really good opener. Good start to the show. Have a look back at them as a team.

Corporate Kane is in the back where Natalya comes up to him. She brings her NXT angle where she basically runs things for Tyson Kidd by asking Kane to give Tyson a match tonight to help him prepare for his Last Chance NXT Title match set for this week. Tyson comes in and gets upset at her but Kane books it. After a recap of the Hulk Hogan nonsense from Raw, Kidd, with Natalya in tow, faces Kofi Kingston. This is one of the only storylines from Total Divas that crosses over to well to the WWE. Kidd wins a fun five minute match and shrugs off Natalya celebrating with him. I love Kidd's heel character.

The worst theme music in the WWE currently, has to be a tie between Brie Bella and Cesaro. Brie's is so bad that I tweeted about it last night. Twice. It plays as, after beating Cameron and Eva, she continued her handicap match barrage by facing SummerLay. This is Nikki and the Authority getting back at Brie for having Nikki wrestle like a million handicap matches after Brie quit. Decent Divas match and Brie won following miscommunication from SummerLay.

The main event of Main Event (see, capitalization matters people) pitted Mark Henry against Bo Dallas in a Raw rematch. See, on Raw, Dallas defeated Henry to continue his losing streak. Henry got pissed and attacked him after. This would be a short match as Henry just beat up Dallas, resulting in the disqualification. I'm guessing this is leading to a Henry heel turn, though it's strange to have him beat up a heel. Doesn't get the pop that beating up a face after a competitive match would. Overall, not the best episode, though the first two matches were really good. 6.5/10