Saturday, April 11, 2015

Impact 4/10/15 Review

Last night's Impact was a "Live Twitter" edition as tweets appeared on screen all night. Kurt Angle opened the show due to the controversy from last week's main event. He brings out Lashley and they both agree that Lashley's shoulder was up when he was counted out. Must have been an NCAA referee or MLB umpire. Angle will Lashley another shot but out comes Eric Young, who is number one in the rankings. I still really like that there's a ranking system. Young nailed his promo here as he fits the loose cannon type role that he's in. He gets into it with Lashley but when Angle gets involved, he eats a spear. After commercial, a pissed off Angle declares that he will defend the belt against both Young and Lashley in a Triple Threat match tonight. Cool opening segment and Angle as the fighting champion works. To hype the opening contest, we get a video package that shows the history between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. I loved their rivalry in 2007 and I think it's damn good in 2015. These two really tend to deliver and thiswas another in a long line of good matches between the two. Taz and Josh Matthews argue about the Knockouts division like they did last week. It's rather odd and a bit distracting. They go about eight minutes and it's a back and forth battle, until Kong wins with a sitout powerbomb. I fully expected this considering the issues between Kong and Taryn Terrell lately but I'm glad we got a Kong/Kim match out of it. I'll never complain about those. Going backstage, Mickie James thanks James Storm for the save last week and they hug. Manik shows up and questions him, only to get food shoved in his mouth. Storm is a weird dude for sure.

Keeping with the theme of the Revolution, James Storm is looking for a partner since the Tag Titles are vacated now, so Koya, Abyss and Manik had a Triple Threat match to determine Storm's partner. It only goes about three minutes and Koya wins. Nothing special but made sense from a storyline perspective. We do get more of the Revolution/Ghost Hunters or whatever combo because network synergy is key. Moving on, the Rising is here. Drew Galloway handles the microphone and I must say that dude is on fire since leaving the WWE. The former Camacho from the WWE, introduces himself as Mika. He promotes that he's the son of Haku and Shaun Ricker is known as Eli Drake. The Beat Down Clan interrupt and it leads to a brawl because all TNA promos lead to this in some shape or form. Somewhere, Teddy Long smiles as it turns into a six man tag team match playa. It ends via DQ as Samoa Joe's replacement in the BDC arrives and it's HOMICIDE! Man, I recall seeing Homicide win the ROH Title live in 2006. Time flies.

Next up, we get some X Division action with DJ Z, though the lack of Angelina Love sucks. She's not the hottest but she helps the BroMans entrance out. DJ Z is taking on Davey Richards, who seems to be going for a solo run with Eddie Edwards sidelined. As expected, Richards win this.The BDC cut a promo backstage, saying they beat people up because they can. Reminds me of our new heel Sheamus. A short vignette airs for the Dollhouse, coming soon. The Hardys cut a promo about how they are going to win the TNA Tag Titles. EC3 and Tyrus interrupt. EC3 brings up his 19 month unbeaten streak and how the World Title shot he deserves has eluded him, so he's coming for the Tag Titles. His partner? Bram. It's an interesting mix but I like how Bram states he hates everyone, but hates EC3 the least. More interruptions as Mr. Anderson joins us.

Mr. Anderson toys with EC3 to the crowd's delight. He introduces his tag team partner for this thing and it is the X Division Champion, Rockstar Spud! I like that pairing as Spud is awesome and Anderson can cut a mean promo. Our final interruption arrives in Austin Aries. Even though he has the World Title briefcase and wants the Tag Titles because he's greedy. His partner? Bobby Roode as the DIRTY HEELS REUNITE! Fuck yea! This should be fun when it all goes down. Main event time as Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley and Eric Young go at it. Once again, TNA gives us a good main event. Angle is able to retain, which is good because I only want him to drop the title to either Austin Aries or Ethan Carter. All in all, TNA gives us another good episode as they continue to put out solid television. 7/10.