Sunday, October 18, 2015

Random Match Reviews: Kurt Angle (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan vs. Sting

Championship: TNA World Heavyweight
Show: No Surrender
Date: 9/20/09
Location: Orlando, Florida

Looks like I landed on another TNA match so I chose one that I hold close to my heart. As a massive AJ Styles fan, this was a big moment for me. Sure, AJ had won the NWA Title a few times early in TNA's run, but when the company grew, he as relegated to a side role too often. Here, he was in an angle where he contemplated retirement, only for Sting to reel him back in because he was supposed to be the guy that took over.

This was scheduled to a be a four way, but Hernandez showed up to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase. First, that's a dumb move considering the odds of the match and second, it made no sense since Hernandez was taken out within minutes by an interfering Eric Young. It got no reaction and seemed like they had no idea what to do with the briefcase winner. Once he was gone, the match got going and some of the fans seemed bored. Kurt Angle partnered with the biggest man, Matt Morgan, to take out AJ and Sting. It made sense but was indeed rather dull. Once that was out of the way, this got better but still wasn't what I had remembered. I do like Sting kind of walking away to allow Styles to win the gold, since it made sense within the story. The moment of Styles winning was greater than the actual match.

Match Time - 15:11 ***¼