Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fave Five 7/11/16-7/17/16

1) Matt Riddle: There was certainly a fair amount of action this week but only one guy swept more than two matches. Matt Riddle competed three times in two days and had some great matches. First, at Evolve 64, he wrestled Roderick Strong in a bit of a dream match. The young Riddle defeated him in a match I gave **** to. The following day, he competed at Beyond Wrestling's Flesh event and won in the main event against Tommaso Ciampa. Later that day, he was at it again, taking on another big indy name, Marty Scurll at Evolve 65. Riddle won all three matches and continues to shine despite being in the business for less than two years.

                                                          2) Sexy Star: Lucha Underground's Ultima Lucha Dos three part season finale held part two earlier this week. A good chunk of the show was taken up by the Gift of the Gods Championship match. Unlike last year's big Gift of the Gods Title match, this was held under elimination rules. The final four (of seven) saw two rivalries come together. Killshot, Marty Martinez, Mariposa and Sexy Star. Killshot got eliminated, leaving Sexy Star alone against the Martinez siblings that made her life hell since the end of the inaugural Ultima Lucha. Sexy Star overcame the odds and defeated both of them to win the title, earning her a shot at the Lucha Underground Championship whenever she wants. It was a fitting bookend to the rivalry, especially since Sexy Star was kind of made after the No Mas match.

3) Seth Rollins: On Raw, Seth Rollins was part of a really funny segment called the "Rollins Report". He clipped together footage of old Roman Reigns interviews and spliced them together to create some really funny stuff. He and Dean Ambrose then had a great promo together to set up a title match this week. On Smackdown, Seth got involved in Dean's match with Kevin Owens, leading to a tag team match also involving Sami Zayn. Seth was able to defeat Sami and pick up the pinfall and win in the final Thursday night Smackdown. With the news that Stephanie McMahon is running aw and them getting the first pick, Seth is predicted by many to go number one overall.

4) Drew Galloway and Dustin: Drew Galloway pretty much owned the weekend of Evolve 64 and 65. Like Matt Riddle, he swept the weekend in his two matches. First, he attacked his rival Johnny Gargano at Evolve 64, leading to the return of Chuck Taylor, now under the name Dustin. They goaded Catch Point members Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams into giving them a shot at the Tag Team Titles and then went on to actually win them in the main event. If that wasn't enough, Galloway also headlined Evolve 65 and defeated rival Johnny Gargano, That solidified Galloway's crusade against Evolve's partnership with the WWE. With Galloway, Dustin, Ethan Carter III and the soon to arrive Cody Rhodes, their side is pretty formidable.

5) Mil Muertes: Won a Deathmatch against King Cuerno at Ultima Lucha Dos.