Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Main Event Report 11-11-14

Main Event goes back to its pre-taped style this week due to the WWE still being in the United Kingdom. We open with Stardust competing again, this time against Adam Rose. This came as a surprise since I expected Stardust to face someone from a tag team. Rose still had clear tension with the Bunny but won because of the Bunny's help. This went about four minutes and wasn't bad, but it was just there. I guess they're going to prolong the eventual Rose heel turn a bit. Next comes Divas action when Alicia Fox took on Cameron. It was strange since they're both heels but they played it as Cameron claiming Fox was jealous of her Total Divas success which made join the show. Cameron controlled the match, which wasn't good and it came off as awkward. Fox would end up winning, which I appreciate since she's relatively underrated.

Okay, so Main Event isn't off to the best of starts here. Bray Wyatt's promo from Raw airs before we get the Kofi Kingston "New Day" vignette. I honestly can't wait to see where that goes. Sami Zayn is out so this show is about to pick up. And he's facing Tyson Kidd! I normally don't agree with rematches but I could watch these two all day. And it makes sense since Tyson cheated last week. Tyson has been entertaining as hell over the past week and continues to shine in his new heel role. This was even better than last week. Tyson played up the heel role better, we got a false finish of the tight pulling and Tyson would win again after he pulled Natalya into harm's way. Sami stopped in his tracks and Tyson took advantage. Tyson wins his fifth or sixth straight match and I'm okay with Sami losing on the main roster right now. Great stuff and going to be hard to top as match of the week...or month.

Much like last week when "Bray Wyatt in action" was advertised, we got another throwback squash as "Dean Ambrose in action" was advertised. His obvious victory came against Justin Gabriel. It wasn't as much of a squash as I expected though, considering Gabriel lasted about five minutes and the fans were treated to a decent contest. He got on the microphone after and hyped up his upcoming match with Bray Wyatt. It was decent but not enough I feel like.

After a run of five straight shows earning over a 7/10, this show finally falls under that score. It doesn't fall by much though. The main issue with the show are the first two matches, which were just there. Ambrose/Gabriel was okay but if it wasn't for Zayn/Kidd, this would be a completely passable show. Go out of your way to see it. It was fantastic. 6/10.