Saturday, January 17, 2015

Impact Wrestling Report 1/16/15

The show opens with Josh Matthews and Taz informing us about how this show will have more of a reality based feel to it. This should be interesting at the very least. After last week's usual TNA swerve, the show begins with MVP, Low Ki, Samoa Joe and Kenny King cutting a promo. They are known as the Beat Down Clan. Dumb name, MV nearly curses but has to stop and I still don't know why they decided to turn Ki and Joe heel. It's classic TNA. They bring out Eric Young, who helped them last week but is not a member of the BDC. Is it because he's white? EY has new music and claims that he doesn't like MVP but he respects him. He calls Bobby Roode his brother and that he gave him a title shot once he won the belt. Bobby didn't do the same, but that's unfair since TNA didn't run shows during Roode's latest reign. MVP basically corrupted EY's mind. They call out Lashley, but get Kurt Angle instead. He calls them thugs which leads to Angle/Joe. Yes, for the second straight show we open with an Angle match.

Remember in 2006 when Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle was something special? This wasn't special. It only lasted about six or seven minutes and was nowhere near the level of those classics. Partyl because Angle is not the same guy he once was and Samoa Joe has lost everything special about him. Joe wins after a low blow and the Rear Naked Choke. The BDC and EY, acronyms all around, come to attack but Bobby Roode appears to clean house. Roode cuts a promo about how EY went too far and that he's been in TNA for a long time. He promises to make him pay tonight. On TNA's side show, Impact Unlocked, Mike Tenay is going to conduct a special interview with former World Champion Magnus. I do miss Magnus. Backstage, Jeremy Borash tells Rockstar Spud that EC3 is a jackass an will get what's coming to him. JB is wearing a hat after having his head shaved last week.

The TNA World Tag Team Champions, the Revolution come to watch the next match. They are still the weirdest looking stable in wrestling history. Seriously. A cowboy, a monster, a Samoan and a luchador? The Hardys would be facing the Wolves in a match to determine the number one contenders. Commentary does a good job of pointing out how the Hardys have won every major Tag Team Title, except for the TNA ones. Throughout the match, the crowd stays dark except for the spotlight on the strange ass Revolution. This was a pretty damn good match. The Wolves are one of the better tag teams currently and the Hardys can clearly still go. After a solid ten minutes, the Hardys won to earn a title shot. This is something TNA should do. If they are serious about being an alternative to WWE, they need to focus on things that WWE struggles with and tag team wrestling is one of those things. Ugh, we get a popup that states Feast or Fired is coming back. I still hate this gimmick. Bram cuts a promo about how he'll have Magnus by his side during the match. He says they can retrieve all four briefcases by themselves. But then one of you would be fired you clown. Backstage, Kenny King worries about Lashley but MVP tells him that it's all good. More reality style stuff as EC3 and Tyrus take over the production truck. EC3 is a great fucking heel. He challenges Jeremy Borash to a match and gives him 30 minutes to make a decision. God, if EC3 loses I will lose my mind.

For our first hour main event, TEAM CANADA EXPLODES! Bobby Roode and Eric Young go at it, which surprised me as I thought this would main event. This was billed as a No Disqualification match and they made good use of the stipulation. We saw chairs and brawling outside during this solid match. Eric Young wins with a piledriver onto a steel chair. Considering this is TNA, I'm happy that this had a clean finish. There was no interference or shenanigans and the piledriver finish looked sick. This did a great job of building EY as a psycho. He yells at Bobby because he is nuts before MVP comes out again and promises a celebration for Lashley tonight. Austin Aries knows that it will be a fight to keep his title as he faces Low Ki again. It's time for the good old Knockouts, which is another thing that TNA needs to make a focal point. Brooke Tessmacher and Taryn Terrell faced the Beautiful People, who of course were with the BroMans. If I didn't point it out last week, I'd like to say that the BroMans and Beautiful People is a fantastic pairing. I appreciate that the Beautiful People and Kurt Angle still have their themes from 2007 when I used to enjoy TNA themes. The Beautiful People entrance is still the best on TV. Unfortunately, this didn't get enough time. I want the Knockouts to be important. Despite the short run time, they fit a lot into it and it was fun. Velvet Sky pulled Brooke's tights to win.

After the match, the lights go out and Awesome Kong is in the ring! She completely takes out the Beautiful People and DJ Zema. Havok's theme hits. IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! Security keeps them separate but damn, when this goes down it's gonna be big. Poor Taryn is getting overshadowed despite being champion. EC3 finds Jeremy Borash and gets his match, after some piss poor acting by JB. Next, James Storm introduces the newest member of our favorite strange stable, the Revolution. It is Koya, formerly known as Mahabali Shera. Next week, Koya will be unleashed. Excellent idea to have Austin Aries and Low Ki main event. Seriously, let's get the X Division back to prominence here. The match as better than last week, and Aries looked good, applying the Last Chancery and making Ki tap. However, the BDC distracted the referee. Aries takes them out with the heat seeking missile, but back inside, eats a Ki Krusher and the title changes hands again! This brings out Lashley. MVP badmouths New York and hypes up Lashley. He says that he made him look like a champion and that the belt belongs to the BDC. Lashley takes offense saying the title is his. MVP says they're family and that he took him under his wing back with the other company. Lashley says he's not about this and goes to leave, but MVP calls him a founding member of the BDC. Lashley even calls him by his real name. MVP decides they should hug it out but when they do the BDC pounce. Lashley tries to fight but it's to no avail.

After last week, I said that TNA made a solid debut and had me looking forward to watching again this week. Well, they put out another good episode. It wasn't must see television, but the show seems to have direction. Even though I don't like the BDC, they're building them as the heel faction that TNA seems to always need. The X Division has been a focal point, we have plans in place for the Tag Titles, EC3 is coming off as a great dick heel and Kong/Havok has all the makings of awesome. Just having direction is a good step for TNA. 7/10.