Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Main Event Report 9-9-14

Normally this would be the Tuesday Night Network report but I was unable to watch the first two episodes of Countdown yet, so I can only discuss Main Event. I will catch up on the Countdown episodes tonight and be back with a full Tuesday report next week. With that out of the way, Main Event came on the air and we instantly get breaking news. Two matches have been announced for Night of Champions. One is Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton. Jericho has had two feuds since return and neither one has really made sense. Bray Wyatt never explained why he targeted Jericho and Orton did it on Raw because, "hey, it's the Season Premiere." Yuck. The other announcement is that Seth Rollins will meet Roman Reigns which should be pretty fun. Maybe a Dean Ambrose return?

Speaking of Seth Rollins, he opens Main Event and gets a microphone. He cuts a very good promo about how he started the Shield and he will destroy what he created. The first step was breaking the group up, then he took out Dean Ambrose and now he will end Roman Reigns. It's still weird how Roman just didn't care about the break up for like two months. Anyway, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter show up to run down Seth and it leads to a match. Seth wins a good one against Swagger in just under ten minutes. Great start to the show and Seth Rollins nearly always delivers.

SLATERGATOR! They show them backstage and they once again entertain as they discuss how to finally get past the bunny during matches with Adam Rose. Heath Slater is comedic gold. Zack Ryder is in the ring and ohymgod he's gonna have a match. His opponent is Cesaro and I just watched these two at Night of Champions 2012. This was shorter as it went for three minutes or so but it was a dominant win for Cesaro which he needed. He wins via submission and I wonder if they're going to use that and have Sheamus use the Cloverleaf at Night of Champions. Would be an interesting twist on their hard hitting bouts. The perfect Renee Young interviews Cesaro who calls himself the KING OF WRESTLING! Although giving him another nickname is stupid. The best part was him paraphrasing Bret Hart's legendary El Dandy promo with "Zack Ryder is a former US Champion, who are you to doubt him?"

Bella/Springer recap follows before we get the third in the EPIC series of matches between Adam Rose and Titus O'Neil. The bunny takes out Heath Slater with an enziguri and Rose picks up the win with a rollup in about three minutes. DID SOMEONE SAY THREE MINUTES? Eh, no 3 Minute Warning appearance? Oh well. I read that the WWE may start using the bunny more. I wonder who is under the suit. The rumors have it between Zack Ryder, but I doubt that, Darren Young and Justin Gabriel. Regardless, I don't care much.

Los Matadores arrives as time is winding down so I figure this will be the main event. And oh my goodness, it's the Ascension! I've stated before that I'm not the biggest Ascension fan but it's still really cool to see them on a main show. They defeated Matadores and it wasn't in the dominant fashion that they win on NXT. Don't get me wrong, they still kind of dominated, but it was nice to see that they had more trouble with a main roster tag team. Good showcase.

Overall, another good episode of Main Event. Behind NXT, it continues to be my second favorite WWE program of the week. We got a very good opener, Night of Champions build, Cesaro looked dominant and the Ascension appeared. All in all, a fun time. 7/10.