Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday Night Network Report 9-2-14

I have to watch these shows first thing on Wednesday mornings now that I work until 915 on Tuesdays. Oh well, lucky me, I still get NXT Thursdays off. Anyway, Damien Mizdow was in the ring for MizTV to open Main Event. Damien is tremendous with this because he plays it so seriously. Dolph Ziggler rudely interrupts Samien's monologue as Michael Cole badmouths the Miz, which is weird considering he spent 2010-2013 absolutely crushing on him. Mizdow steals the show here but Dolph ends up dropkicking him and knocking him outside. After the commercial, they would have a five or so minute match. It wasn't bad but was nothing special. Dolph obviously won. Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz is officially booked for Night of Champions.

A recap of Stephanie McMahon's promo about making Nikki Bella the face of the Divas division is shown, including her getting a Divas Championship match and the shenanigans from Brie, AJ and Paige. Now, it's Total Divas tag team time, like we didn't already get this on Raw the previous night. Natalya teamed with the absolutely terrible Rosa Mendes to face SummerLay. I feel like I'm going to hate this season of Total Divas because Rosa is the worst. Rosa continued to be dreadful, while SummerLay continues to have my heart. The biggest news was that Rosa's butt was exposed during the match, which would've been better if it wasn't the WORST looking Diva on the roster. Rosa tags herself in and eats the pin as I feel like this is sadly building towards her first win for the show. Sigh. At least SummerLay won and anytime I get to hear the LayCool theme, I love it.

We get a recap of the Highlight Reel from Raw where John Cena, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and the entire main event scene besides Brock Lesnar had a discussion that led to a six man tag team match. Then, the Dust Brothers, well on their way to a Tag Team Title match at Night of Champions, would go up against Los Matadores in the final contest. This started slowly, but really picked up near the end and proved that the tag team division does have potential. The Dust Brothers would win and gain more momentum heading into their eventual title shot. 

Another solid edition of Main Event. Three decent to good wrestling matches, only two recaps and a funny opening promo. Can't ask for much more than that. 7/10. Next on the WWE Network, comes episode 4 of the Monday Night Wars series. It focused on D-Generation X and how they sort of ushered in the new attitude, pun intended, of the WWF, which helped turned things around and allowed them to best WCW. Another good episode of this show, which has been entertaining and interesting. I don't want to recap much as we all know most things involving DX, but you should also watch it for some extra insight.

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