Monday, January 18, 2016

Top Five 1/11/16-1/17/16

1) Zack Sabre Jr.: Last year, I found Zack Sabre Jr. and was wowed by his technical wrestling acumen. He won the Battle of Los Angeles and had some shots at some top titles (Evolve and PWG) but came up short. So I'm happy to report that Sabre won the British Heavyweight Championship this week. In a highly anticipated match, Sabre met the champion, AJ Styles, at Revolution Pro Wrestling's High Stakes show. It was, most likely, AJ Styles' final night there and I can't think of a better guy to drop the title too. Sabre has a bright future, and present actually, ahead of him. This was the biggest win of the week and it probably won't be the last title he wins in 2016.

2) Kalisto: With the news that John Cena is going to be out for a while, his feud with Alberto Del Rio is on hold. Enter Kalisto. He bested Del Rio on Smackdown last week, earning a shot at the United States Title on Raw. Kalisto and Del Rio met in their best match and the best match on WWE television this week. Kalisto was able to pull off a pretty big upset and capture the gold. It was a really cool moment that felt like something special. It was surprising, which isn't something the WWE is able to do to us very often. Things would unfortunately go right back to the status quo a night later, when Kalisto dropped the belt right back to Del Rio. It was fun while it lasted at least.

3) Alberto Del Rio: I guess this won't be too long of a write up since I covered the match on Raw in Kalisto's spot. As noted, it was the best match I saw on WWE TV this week. On Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio quickly used his rematch clause. That match wasn't quite as good, but was still solid work from both men. Del Rio regained the title, becoming a two time United States Champion. I don't really like the idea of the quick changes but it is an accomplishment for Del Rio. I like the guy, but his current run has been so blah, especially for a guy who seemed to find new life in Lucha Underground last year.

            4) Carmella: Headlining NXT this week was a battle royal to determine the number one contender for Bayley.There was no Nia Jax involved, meaning that as long as Alexa Bliss or Eva Marie lost, we'd get a new challenger. The battle royal was relatively fun and gave girls like Billie Kay and Peyton Royce a chance to shine. It seemed like Asuka won, but Eva Marie, who did nothing all match but sit outside, snuck in and dumped her over. With the crowd booing heavily, Carmella, who was knocked out in the middle of the match, got up and eliminated her. The crowd popped hard for this and Carmella earned her first shot at the NXT Women's Championship. I don't think this will happen at a TakeOver special but it's still good for her. The BayMella friends will collide sometime soon.

5) Eric Young: I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch much TNA anymore. In a relatively slow week for wrestling, Eric Young was one of the people to pick up a win that earned himself something. On this week's Impact, he defeated longtime rival Bobby Roode to win the King of the Mountain Championship. I'm not big on the title since it doesn't really have much meaning and seems to just be there to give guys that they like, but don't like enough to be top champion right now, something to do. Young fits that bill, adding another title to his rather lengthy resume of TNA belts.