Saturday, October 4, 2014

Smackdown Report 10-3-14

John Cena opens Smackdown, which is a place that he's actually not seen that often. He look stupid with his red and yellow everything and then a gray and pink shirt. Maybe that's just me. He cuts a typical Cena promo before calling out Seth Rollins, only for Dean Ambrose to respond instead. Ambrose's pop destroys Cena's as one would expect. Ambrose rightfully claims that he should get his hands on Rollins over Cena, they go to make a truce before the Authority appears on screen. They make Orton and Kane against Cena and Ambrose. So, literally the same damn main event we saw on Monday. 

Mid card Champions Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus take on The Miz and Damien Mizdow next and Mizdow continues to be everything in life. He is fantastic. This was your typical mid card tag match. It got about seven minutes and Ziggler's Zig Zag on Mizdow ended things. Mizdow gets hit with a chair after the match, because Sheamus is a total heel trapped in a face role. Miz and Sheamus have a staredown and the midcard continues to be a mess as it seems like Dolph and Sheamus are trading challengers. 

We get another promo video for Luke Harper. I honestly wonder where this is headed. Then we cut to a video package for the Show/Henry/Rusev love triangle currently going on. I would be so pissed if I paid to see Smackdown and had to watch non stop Raw recaps. Paige and Alicia Fox is going to be a recurring thing I guess, at least until the writers get bored and forget about it. Fox accompanies Paige to the ring for her match with Naomi. Paige wins via submission in about two minutes. Her gloves and new old attire is fantastic, as is the see through-ness of her pants. AJ runs out post match and stands tall over Fox as Paige ran behind JBL, stealing his hat in the process.

Big Show comes out to "apologize" to the Russian people for pulling the giant flag to the ground on Raw. I'm not a patriotic guy, but it's dumb that he has to apologize for this while Lana and Rusev can blatantly disrespect America on a weekly basis and it's fine. Show says sorry to Russia but not to Rusev and Lana. They come out, this goes back and forth and Rusev superkicks Show. Show gets to his feet, making Rusev and Lana head to the back.

Tag team action is next as The Usos beat SlaterGator in under two minutes. SlaterGator had their Gator at ringside, as the Bunny and Adam Rose showed up to continue this classic rivalry. Goldust is on vacation so the Usos' interaction with the Dust Brothers had to be minimal this week. Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose and their hots for each other is apparent. It's the usual fun Ambrose stuff. We see that Cesaro and R-Truth had issues backstage because Cesaro said Dolph Ziggler must have been born on a highway because that's where accidents happen. OH SNAP. Cesaro beats Truth in two minutes.

We get our main event and it is relatively similar to what we got on Raw. Dean Ambrose continues to be tremendous, while Randy Orton, Kane and John Cena continue to be the same stale characters they've been for a long time. Seth Rollins comes out and John Cena chases him to the back, because leaving your partner alone is the best thing a face can do. This ends via disqualification somehow as Kane hits a big boot even though he's part of the match. After the match, Kane and Orton beat down on Ambrose until Cena returns, late as hell and is upset with himself for allowing this to happen.

Another blah episode of Smackdown airs. Nothing on this show is really that good or needed. I enjoyed seeing Mizdow. That's about it. 3/10.