Friday, November 21, 2014

NXT Report 11-20-14

Coming off the heels of a pretty outstanding episode, NXT hopes to build on that tonight. We open with Bayley coming out to her usual big pop as she will be taking on another favorite NXT Diva of mine, Becky Lynch. The pairing of B.A.E. (Best at Everything) is strange as Becky looks awkward alongside Sasha Banks. The match was decent but short and Becky won following a distraction. They laugh at Bayley, which brings out Charlotte. Team BAE exit and I cannot fathom how Bayley could trust Charlotte when she was the first girl to turn on her. I enjoyed this start to the show though.

We are told that the Lucha Dragons are up next, but instead we get The Vaudevillians. They speak about being number one contenders, when the theme of the Lucha Dragons hits. Instead of the NXT Tag Team Champions though, we get midgets! Mini Lucha Dragons come to the ring but they don't expect the bell to ring. When it does, The Vaudevillians beat up the little guys and actually use a real double team move to win. Not a good match obviously, but it advanced the angle very well. Things get amazing next as a Kevin Owens vignette airs! Mr. Wrestling is coming to NXT on 12/11/14!

Things get relatively dull as Baron Corbin comes out for his bi-weekly squash. He faces a local jobber and beats him in 22 seconds. I like Corbin, but I need more from him. As he is leaving, Bull Dempsey comes out and I thought they were going to go at it, but instead Bull beats a jobber too. The crowd counts down for his match as well but when it lasts longer than Corbin's they boo him. He does win in about less than a minute and I guess they might be leaning towards Bull/Baron soon. It'll be better than minute long squashes.

Tyson Kidd is out next, continuing his trend of being amazing and must see television on every single WWE show. He wrestled CJ Parker, which was a bit strange since both guys are heels. Tyson was great and this was the longest match of the night at just over three minutes. He then grabbed a microphone and challenged Finn Balor for next week. That should be phenomenal. We were then treated to a tag match as Enzo Amore and Big Cass beat Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Another short match but it was used so the Ascension could come out, attack both teams and promise Hideo Itami and Finn Balor that their issues are far from over.

Sami Zayn comes out to address the NXT Universe about his loss to Adrian Neville last week. It's strange to see him come out with a somber look while his happy theme music blasts over the speakers. He calls out Adrian Neville, who obliges. Sami basically says that if he can't beat Adrian for the NXT Title, he doesn't need to be in NXT. He wants one more title match and William Regal comes out to grant it at the next NXT Special on 12/11/14. Neville likes the idea but doesn't want to be the end of Sami's career. Sami says that whether it is in teh contract of not, if he loses, he's quitting. Great closing segment as both guys, especially Sami, sold the hell out of it.

This wasn't the best episode of NXT. The in ring stuff was all short and didn't stand out in any way. However, even the worst episodes of NXT still don't feature filler and everything had a point on this show. Either someone was built well or a program was furthered. Regardless, I enjoyed the show but it could have been better. 5/10.