Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Main Event and Super Smackdown Report 12-16-14

Main Event kicks off with MizTV, featuring Naomi as the guest. Damien Mizdow is great here as always, and they're playing the whole "is Miz being generous with Naomi?" thing. She is using MizTV as a platform to tell everyone that she through's Miz and calls him phony. THIS GUYS A PHONY! A BIG FAT PHONY! She says that he hasn't come through with his "promises", so he responds by saying that he got her a Divas Title match on Smackdown. Is Miz this week's guest General Manager? Jimmy Uso comes out and gets mad, causing Miz and Mizdow to leave. I still have no idea where this is going.
Moving on, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro face The New Day. Let's be honest really quick. They need to start coming out to Kidd's theme because Cesaro's is god awful. They got about twelve minutes and stole the show. This was possibly my favorite match of the night as Kidd and Cesaro have quickly developed into a team with some potential. They played the role of heels great and I enjoyed everything about this. New Day won of course, but this was damn sure enjoyable. Plus, that swing/dropkick combination was a badass nod to the Kings of Wrestling.
We get a strange backstage segment where Erick Rowan is playing chess and Paige is watching. Titus O'Neil comes up, brags about being a college graduate and calls Rowan dumb. They go to play chess, but Titus doesn't know how. This was odd. What wasn't odd though, was Paige vs. Emma coming up next. These two girls have great chemistry and if you want to their best matches, check out the finals of NXT Women's Title Tournament and NXT ArRival. They were given more than five minutes and made the best of it. It was a fun match that Paige won with the PTO. I wish Paige would get back into the Divas Title picture.
In the main event of Main Event, Erick Rowan took on Kane. Titus O'Neil was on commentary and pretty much owned Michael Cole throughout. Rowan has some surprising offense and I enjoyed this much more than Ryback/Kane from TLC. Titus ended up getting water or something tossed on him as the fight went outside and when Rowan went back in, he fell to a Chokeslam. I don't know why they keep having Rowan lose or what the Titus stuff is about. Oh well, with the opener and the Divas match, this is a recommended episode of Main Event. 7/10. I can't find a photo or gif from the match, so you get more Paige.
As part of WWE Week on the USA Network, we got Super Smackdown Live on Tuesday instead of Friday. Trying to make this episode bigger than your average Smackdown, Roman Reigns' big return to the ring was saved for tonight. As theshow opened, Fandango was in the ring before Roman made his way out. This lasted longer than I expected as Fandango actually go in some offense. However, things went downhill for him as he ate a Superman Punch and Spear, giving Roman a win in his return. Side note, this is the 800th episode of Smackdown.
After highlights are shown from the TLC match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, Dean joins us to cut a promo. He talks about how he loved everything about the match, except for the freak accident at the end. Tomorrow on Tribute to the Troops, Dean and Bray do battle in a Boot Camp Match, because they're Sgt. Slaughter and Triple H in 1997. Bray appears on the titantron, saying that Dean is only still breathing because Bray is enjoying this so much. It's typical Bray stuff and it looks like this is going to continue for a while. I see it ending on the first Raw of the new year most likely.
It wouldn't be WWE television without a random six man tag would it? Miz and Damien Mizdow team with Luke Harper in an odd combo, against the Usos and Erick Rowan. Even though Rowan isn't really feuding with Harper. I guess they're moving onto this. I'm not a fan as I would have liked for them to stay away from each other. The Usos and Rowan win after they get Rowan to do a top rope splash. ERICK USO! He even celebrates with them after the match. It was good to see Rowan win after suffering so many straight losses.
Naomi prepares for her Divas Title match when Jimmy Uso comes up to her to apologize for his actions as he just doesn't trust Miz. She understands, but can do this on her own. We get ready for Seth Rollins vs. Ryback but as Ryback makes his entrance, Rusev attacks him. The United States Champion kicks him off the stage and then backstage. I guess Rusev/Ryback is officially happening and I'm cool with that as long as Ryback doesn't win. Seth gets on the microphone and decides that he should have the night off. He sends Joey Mercury to get the limo, but they're cut off by Dolph Ziggler. Dolph was pretty good on the microphone here, reminding everyone that it was indeed him, along with Sting, that ended the Authority. I appreciated that since commentary seems to forget about Dolph. He goads Seth into a match for our main event. This was good and I hope the IC Title and Dolph continue to get shine.
We get another Ascension promo. I can't wait to see them in an endless series of matches against Los Matadores. Anyway, Naomi comes out for her Divas Championship match against Nikki Bella. Brie is still Nikki's best friend, who looks like a complete idiot in this whole thing. This is your basic Divas affair until Miz walks down to the ring to support Naomi. Jimmy Uso doesn't like this, so he comes out and they begin to brawl. Naomi was on fire until she noticed this and got distracted, allowing Nikki to roll her up and retain. I appreciate that this Tag Team Title feud has more depth to it than just Team A vs. Team B 15 times, but I'm not sure where creative is going with this angle. Naomi is upset with Jimmy after the match.
After Kane destroyed the Bunny on Raw with a Tombstone, Adam Rose gets a rematch here. The Bunny has a neckbrace, which is disappointing since it means it's not the end of that. Kane wins in a minute. Before he leaves, he attacks the Bunny again. I have no clue why this is happening. After some gratuitous promotion for Tribute to the Troops and Hulk Hogan's appearance on Raw next week, it's time for the main event. They get about fifteen minutes and I was actually more invested in this than the Steel Cage match the previous night as we all knew that would eventually feature interference from Brock. Great match that featured Dolph getting a clean win over Mr. Money in the Bank, after J&J Security was tossed from ringside.
Better than your average Smackdown. They didn't waste a ton of time on Raw replays, which helped. The main event was really good and featured the rare Smackdown clean finish. We got a decent six man tag, solid Divas Title match and storyline advancement in most feuds. I have to appreciate that. 7.5/10.