Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Main Event Report 8-19-14

The United States Champion Sheamus opens episode 99 of Main Event. It looks like he'll be facing Curtis Axel, who I know has no chance but I feel at least will be able to put on a good match. Michael Cole is on Main Event now? What the hell? I'm so tired of his stupid voice and now I have to hear it on three different shows? Good lord. Cesaro surprises everyone by coming out in a suit to join commentary. He calls himself Mr. International and it looks like they have no clue what his character should be. Cesaro did a good job on commentary and made sure to put over both guys. I love when Main Event starts with a good match and we got that here. After about ten minutes, Sheamus wins with the Brogue Kick. Cesaro tossed the title into Sheamus and walked off with a smirk.

Triple H has a huge announcement that John Cena has chosen to submit his request for a rematch with Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. John Cena winning the belt back would be absolutely pointless but I don't see Brock destroying him again. Time for HEELNikki Bella who is still rocking the same theme song and pandering to the crowd. Of course we're forced to watch the stupid recap of Nikki's heel turn again. Nikki will be facing Emma and these two Divas got a solid five minutes to work with. They made sure to do the best with it and we got one of Nikki's best matches ever. She got "you sold out" chants but still managed to overcome it and win with her finisher that I don't know the name of. 

Big Show and Mark Henry get interviewed by the lovely Renee Young about Show's match with Erick Rowan later. It's nothing special. We get a recap of the Triple H announcement that we just heard like eight minutes ago. John Cena returns to Raw this Monday as well so I'm sure we'll hear that even though he took a huge beating, HE FEARS NOTHING AND REGRETS LESS! It's fine though because things just stepped up on Main Event as I see SLATER GATOR! They'll be in action against Los Matadores as one of the members is back from injury. I'm not sure. Hornswoggle has decided that if you can't beat them, join them as he accompanies Los Matadores to the ring in a cow outfit. The match is fun, Hornswoggle gets involved, there's some comedy and some high flying before Slater Gator wins it! THE STREAK LIVES! However, the best is the interview that Slater and Titus cut on the WWE App. Go find it.

Renee Young goes to interview Seth Rollins and it goes a lot better than it did on Raw. No ice bucket challenge because Dean Ambrose is dead. Seth blames the fans for choosing the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation but I mean, they had to choose between that, No DQ and No Holds Barred. Seth says that Dean is like other heroes including John Cena, Chris Jericho and Jack Swagger because he lost. Swagger interrupts and they will face for the first time I believe on Smackdown. I'm looking forward to that. Much more than the scheduled RVD vs. Randy Orton match. Big Show and Erick Rowan did main event and we got a decent little match. Show was in control for the most part but it was two brutes beating each other up and that was alright. 

So, I really enjoyed Main Event tonight. Four good matches that kept me entertained throughout, plus a major announcement from Triple H. This is how I like my Main Event. 8/10. Both Countdown and WrestleMania Rewind were reruns so I won't recap them tonight.

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  1. Jim Ross tweeted one word on Sunday night as it pertains to Cesaro...

    PATIENCE. He has a TON of talent, he's not cut like a Roman Reigns but yeah...easily one of the strongest men on that roster. They've got him in a holding pattern and are smart for doing it. Calling this now...

    Survivor Series: Brock v. Cesaro for the WWE WHC

    Seth Rollins in the new age Tully Blanchard. If he busts out a slingshot suplex in the near or distant future it will confirm as such. This feud has the prospects to be as epic as Stone Cold & Triple H was. Rollins & Ambrose at some point, hopefully, will headline a WrestleMania down the line. I know the movement is for Roman to be 'The Guy', but Ambrose is going to be the fan's choice. If the E isn't careful, they're gonna inadvertently turn Roman heel like they did Batista on his return.

    As for the rematch...the ONLY direction this company CANNOT GO with this, is SuperCena wins. Would it be so bad to have Cena get crushed again? Believe it or not, NO. See, the WWE flirted with this two years ago when Brock returned and I guess they got cold feet at the last minute. See, the WWE should've had Brock beat Cena two years ago and then start Cena's climb back to the top. Now, they have to do it. People are done with the LOLCENAWINS crap. If they want folks to truly buy in with Brock being the new top dog, he must win. I can see Brock kinda slacking off in the beginning, Cena takes charge and then Brock puts the stranglehold on the match and ends Cena. But in order for folks to truly buy this not being the same ole, same ole...

    Cena's gonna have to get folded again. They have to see Cena in a way he hasn't been seen in the last 12 years or so. Vulnerable. On the cusp of being finished for good and THEN, they can start to rebuild a likeable Cena. IWC's been begging for a heel turn, this is gonna have to do. The promo he cuts Monday will tell us where they're heading with this. Lemme put it another way...

    Triple H in his interview with Cole, the same man who basically rubber stamped Cena's execution at Summerslam, was concerned for Cena's well being. Cena will take the microphone after his worst loss to date. He can't clown anymore and he's at his best when he's dead serious.