Sunday, August 17, 2014

SummerSlam Predictions

I'm looking forward to tonight's SummerSlam because it's been very well built. I was excited for Battleground but that show heavily disappointed. I'm about to take a look into the card and give some predictions for the biggest part of the summer.

So, the most recently added match to the card is the Kickoff bout between Rob Van Dam and Cesaro. I don't like the addition of this contest. Remember after WrestleMania when people were trying to predict the big match that Cesaro would get at SummerSlam? Anyway, neither of these guys are really going anywhere and a victory over RVD at this point doesn't do much for Cesaro. I honestly have no clue who wins this, but I'll have to see Cesaro actually win one before I pick him.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

I appreciate the Intercontinental Championship getting some shine on SummerSlam, though I'd rather The Usos get a match here as they've been on fire. A lot of people were pissed to see The Miz win the belt at Battleground, but he's been gold with this character. He's working the "D-Lister who thinks he's an A-Lister" to perfection. I see the Miz being in some sort of spotlight until The Marine 4 comes out and Dolph Ziggler doesn't have anything going on, so there's no reason for him to win, even though people won't like that opinion.

Winner: The Miz

Here we have, by far, the easiest match to predict. Chris Jericho is honestly only back to put over Bray Wyatt and after beating him at Battleground, the only way for this match to go is for Bray to beat him. With Erick Rowan and Luke Harper barred from ringside, Bray should earn a clean victory, much like the one he got at the Royal Rumble over Daniel Bryan. I expect a good match, better than their Battleground effort, and for Bray Wyatt to get a win. Bray desperately needs one after the debacle that was his feud with John Cena.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Even though the WWE loves their undefeated monsters, I'm going to go out on a limb and pick against Rusev here. Zeb Colter and Lana have stolen the show in this rivalry, but I find that this is a good way for Jack Swagger to get a big win and for Rusev to not eat a pin. They can continue to promote that Rusev has never been pinned and he can win the feud in the end. Jack Swagger and America could use the victory here, make him look good and keep Rusev looking strong. Even if it means we get a post match attack. I like face Real American Jack Swagger as it just seems natural, you know?

Winner: Jack Swagger

So, what happens when you take two of the WWE's top, I don't know, five biggest stars and you put them in a match at SummerSlam? Normally, it's a huge deal. Here, it's the match that I'm LEAST looking forward to. Randy Orton, despite being a good worker when he wants to be, has been so bland for a long time that it hurts to watch. Roman Reigns is billed as the next big thing, but honestly has shown pretty much no personality since he split from the Shield. In fact, keeping the Shield gear and music has hurt him I think. He needs to become his own person. While Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are the best things going, Reigns is pretty boring. That being said, he's never had a big singles win and he'll get it tonight. It will be interesting to see if Roman can go 20 minutes like this is rumored to go.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Sorry to all of the Total Divas and Bella Twins fans out there, but this is probably not going to end well for you. One would think that Brie Bella has to get revenge on the evil Stephanie McMahon for everything that she's done, but there's another angle to be played here. Brie quit the company for her boyfriend, leaving her sister all alone. Nikki Bella should have some resentment towards that. Brie chose Daniel Bryan over her. Nikki should turn heel here, allow Stephanie to win and we get a build of Bella vs. Bella at Night of Champions. The WWE wants that to be a big show and having the two headliners of Total Divas wrestle on a Pay-Per-View that airs right after Total Divas returns makes sense.

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

My two favorite Divas go at it again. Their first two matches were quick surprise wins and their Battleground match disappointed me greatly. But, I feel like things could get better here. Paige has been an absolute joy to watch in her heel, obsessed with AJ and the Divas Title role, and I think that can bring something to the match that we've yet to see. I originally picked AJ Lee to win this one, but I've changed my mind. I see this lasting a while as no other Diva is really on their level on the main roster and if Paige loses, where does she go from here? Paige should win and this should continue with face AJ chasing the strap.

Winner: Paige

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. The Lumberjack Match idea is stupid. It's a lame stipulation for a rivalry that has been red hot. But that's just it. It's red hot. I still want to see this more than any other match on the card. The WWE can do everything they can to make Roman Reigns THE GUY from the Shield but the crowd is already more behind Dean Ambrose because he has personality. Seth Rollins has been very good in his heel role. With this being the first match, I expect Ambrose to kick Seth's ass, but get screwed in the end, leading to rematches down the line. Hell in a Cell anyone?

Winner: Seth Rollins

I won't lie. Part of me can see John Cena overcome the odds yet again and beat Brock Lesnar. Michael Cole will shout that John Cena is the greatest WWE Champion of all time and he'll get a rub that he doesn't need. Point blank, Brock Lesnar NEEDS to win here. I get that he's a part timer but this HAS to happen. It would be something different, which the WWE desperately needs. I respect the hell out of John Cena, but it's the same old shit with him. I know why he gets the belt and I understand it, but the WWE needs a shot in the arm from something like Brock as Champion. It would be heavily disappointing if Cena was to retain.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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