Friday, September 5, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 9-4-14

Despite being just one hour, this episode of NXT has 6 matches! How awesome is that? We start with the insanely cute Alexa Bliss taking on the NXT Women's Champion, Charlotte. I've my feelings on Charlotte clear before as, even though she's the Champion, she has impressed me the least of any of the NXT Divas. This was a short, but solid match and Charlotte won with the Bow Down to the Queen. Bayley came out, so my night was made, and they continued the build to TakeOver as she hit the Champion with the Belly to Bayley and held the Women's Title. Good stuff.

We get a short promo from Tyler Breeze about the Fatal Four Way match at TakeOver before he competes in singles action. He would face and defeat Tye Dillenger in a short match. Tye retweeted me during the show as I mentioned that he was the "Stan" that Shawn Michael superkicked on Cyber Sunday a few years ago. The biggest news though came during the commercial for TakeOver as it was announced that KENTA would be making his debut! It's going to be awesome to see him and it's great that he gets to keep his name!

The matches with the participants of the Fatal Four Way continues as Tyson Kidd looks to avenge his struggles against Adam Rose. Before the match, Kidd cut a decent promo about all of his good qualities and how they outweigh any and every thing about his opponents. He forced Adam Rose to submit in what has to be his first singles loss. Sami Zayn would also go the route of a singles match and defeated Marcus Louis in a decent bout. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady came out with hair removal cream as they were going to remove Sylvester's hair, but he escaped. I forgot to mention that Enzo and Cass had a funny promo with NXT Diva Carmella at a hair salon. Check it out.

It was now time for the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville, to get his singles win heading into TakeOver. I like the idea of showcasing all of the participants, but it made the outcomes very predictable. He met CJ Parker, which I wasn't a fan of. I'm not the biggest CJ Parker mark but he just came off of a winning feud against Xavier Woods and maybe he shouldn't have been fed to Neville. Although losing to the NXT Champion isn't a bad thing. 

The NXT Tag Team Title Number One Contender's Tournament comes to an end as the two finalists meet in our main event. The awesome Vaudevillains went up against Sin Cara and Kalisto. While I'm becoming a big Kalisto fan, Sin Cara still bores me to tears so I was not at all happy that the Luchadors won. The Ascension came out to interrupt their celebration and stood atop the ramp signaling that they would break their challengers at TakeOver. I see the Ascension retaining but neither team impresses me that much.

Overall, I enjoyed NXT. It built towards every TakeOver match except Bull/Mojo well and I could never see them interact again and be happy. Every match was enjoyable and it gets a 7/10. Onto Superstars, which featured the third match in four weeks pitting Emma against Alicia Fox. They keep putting these two together because they keep doing well. Their chemistry is on point and they stole the show again. Alicia Fox won this time around. Then, in a match of two irrelevant guys when it comes to the main roster, Sin Cara bested Justin Gabriel. It was nothing special. 5/10. I leave you with some Renee Young.

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