Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday Night Network Report 9-23-14

Oh my goodness, SLATERGATOR has a mashed up theme song now! They came out for tag team wrestling after Adam Rose and his bunny were on commentary. Also, one of his rosebuds totally looked like Alicia Fox. SLATERGATOR's entrance video features their floating heads spinning and it's glorious. They would meet Los Matadores in a quick little opener. Primo and Epico won after Rose and Bunny distracted Slater and the Gator. Could've used a better opener.

Mark Henry came out to cut a promo about how sad he is that he lost to Rusev. He's even more upset, and has a written statement, saying that because he lost, all of a sudden he isn't the fan's boy anymore. Big Show comes out and says "you're still my boy", they hug and they leave as huge brothers. I guess this is leading to Show/Rusev next? We get a recap of John Cena/Brock Lesnar from Night of Champions before AJ Lee joins us for commentary. Paige meets Naomi next and Paige's new gear is a thing of beauty. The glove, the attire, the colors, everything. Paige wins a good Divas match and, after the match, AJ Lee strikes her with the Divas Title. 

The beautiful Renee Young interviews the Usos because they will get a Tag Team Title rematch on Smackdown, which should be fun. Kofi Kingston was out next to face Bo Dallas. Again, we only got about two minutes and Kingston wins for some reason. I honestly don't understand why Kofi won here as he's going nowhere fast, while Bo is in an angle. The show closes with an episode of MizTV featuring Dean Ambrose as a guest. Two things stuck about this. One was Dean's answer for how he escaped the room on Raw, which was "there was a back door." Hilariously simple. The second thing was how incredible Damien Mizdow is. He's perfect and words can't express how much I enjoy him. Ambrose lays out both guys to close the show. Entertaining segment for sure.

Wrestling wise, this was a weak episode of Main Event. There were three matches for a total of about less than ten minutes. The Mark Henry segment could've been saved for Smackdown, I'm sure instead, we'll have to sit through 40 minutes of Raw recaps. Still, the MizTV segment was fantastic fun. 5/10. The Monday Night War episode tonight was about ECW being a huge part of the Wars with their style and talent heavily influencing WCW and WWE. It was another entertaining episode, but this series continues to give me no new information and be more about profiling things that happened during the Wars, while throwing in ratings talking and such last minute.

Lastly, the Tuesday Night Network run ended with another episode of Countdown. This one was focused on High Flyers. Number ten was Seth Rollins, which I liked. Nine would be Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and it's fun to see Chris Jericho mark out over him. Sabu comes in at eight, which I didn't expect. If we had a top botchers list, he's a shoe in for top three. At seven comes Eddie Guerrero and the highlight of this is CM Punk's extremely bold statement that Eddie is the best wrestler of all time. Better than himself, Ric Flair and everyone else. Six is Jimmy Snuka which you'd expect. Five is Rob Van Dam, and it's pretty funny how they say he gets "higher" than everyone else. Also, Joey Styles' talk about RVD's shrugs is classic. At four, John Morrison comes in and I think this is WAY too high for him. We get an honorable mention for Shane McMahon which I absolutely love. I miss Shane. Three is Lita, and I totally respect this. She was one of a kind. At two is Jeff Hardy and I would've put him number one on this list. I never thought I'd think this, but I miss Jeff Hardy. One is Rey Mysterio, which was true until like, 2005. Then he started to do less high flying. 

All in all though, a fun list that wasn't far off from the truth and an enjoyable night on the Network.

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