Sunday, January 25, 2015

Royal Rumble Predictions

I'm not sure how many people watch Main Event weekly, but these six guys tore the house down a few weeks ago. I remember saying that it was a Pay-Per-View quality match and we're getting just that tonight. The main difference here is that it will be elimination tonight. While I completely expect this to be a damn good match, I don't see it doing much for either side. All six competitors have been running in place for the past few months and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Personally, I'd choose any team that has Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, but my head says New Day wins here.

Winners: The New Day

I happen to be a massive Paige fan and I support the Divas division so I'm looking forward to this. Although even if you take away my undying love for Paige, I'd still pick her team. The way I see it, Paige and Natalya score the win here but both come up short in capturing the Divas Championship over the next month. Maybe even in a Triple Threat at FastLane. Part of me believes that Brie Bella eventually gets her sister back for treating her terribly, but part of me thinks the WWE really just dropped that angle. Paige and Nattie to win, with all the girls looking good tonight.

Winners: Paige and Natalya

Zero part of me is interested in this match. I was never really impressed by the Ascension during their NXT run, but I think they can be a solid heel tag team. I have almost never seen a noteworthy New Age Outlaws match and really don't care to see them. I will never forgive them for ruining the amazing run of Cody Rhodes and Goldust last year at this very event. Anyway, the Ascension to win during my piss break. Ugh.

Winners: The Ascension

I don't think there has ever been a Royal Rumble that is this tag match heavy. I expect this match to be a carbon copy of the stuff they have done about 400 times since November. The WWE has forgotten how to build a match without it being rematch after rematch after rematch. Despite this, the four guys have good chemistry and I expect this to be decent. The Usos are clearly the tag team to carry the belts into WrestleMania since they are the best tag team in the company and Miz and Damien Mizdow have had their time. I sense another tease towards the eventual Miz/Mizdow split, but the greatest concern here is what happens to Mizdow when the time comes. Miz will be okay since he draws heat better than most and always finds a spot, but will the luster of cheering for Sandow wear off when he's not imitating the Miz?

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: The Usos

As a guy who became a huge fan of Tyler Black seven years ago, the prospect of Seth Rollisn walking out with the richest prize in the game is tantalizing to say the least. Adding him to the match was a stroke of pure genius because John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar for the fourth time sounded painfully dull. The WWE has only booked Brock against guys that have been around forever (except for CM Punk), which has been frustrating, but Seth has proved that the new crop of talent can fit right in with the "money" guys like Brock and Cena. Hell, he has overshadowed them lately. I don't see him winning though since he still has the briefcase. I could see John Cena winning followed by a cash in, but I pick Brock to retain. If he doesn't drop the belt at WrestleMania to someone besides Cena, what was the point in the streak ending?

Winner and Still WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Who doesn't love the Royal Rumble? I've been rewatching some past ones leading up to this and I don't think I've ever disliked one. My pick for this has been Roman Reigns since sometime last year. Then Daniel Bryan announced his return and everything changed. I know that Roman is the next big thing, and I've stated how much I don't think he's ready just yet, but would the WWE really risk a Philadelphia crowd turn on him. This is not me claiming that he's hated, but Bryan is BY FAR the most over guy in the company, especially in  a place like Philadelphia, so Roman winning might be bad business. We can always expect surprise entrants and I predict Adrian Neville, DDP and maybe RVD. The marathon man this year is probably going to be Dolph Ziggler again. Reigns should eliminate the most people, Rusev will draw #30 and the final four will be a combination of Bryan, Reigns, Ziggler and Rusev/Wyatt. Yes, I love Dean Ambrose but I don't know if he'll be final four. In the end, I'll pick with my heart, which can sometimes hurt.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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