Saturday, March 28, 2015

Impact Wrestling 3/27/15 Review

The show begins with the ring surrounded by SIx Sides of Steel. James Storm is out to cut a promo on Jeff Hardy, who he took out in a cage match a while back. He says that tonight won't be Jeff's revenge, which brings out Jeff. He brings up his classic "I'm still standing" line from his 2002 match with the Undertaker and is going to face Storm in the cage later. The Revolution attack but Jeff wipes them all out before having a ceiling for the cage being lowered with weapons like it's Lethal Lockdown. After this segment, a reacp is shown of Rockstar Spud winning the X Division Title because he has to defend it against the man he took it from, Low Ki. The BDC are also mourning the loss of Samoa Joe, but Ki tries to concentrate. They had a fun match helped by appearances from the BDC and Drew Galloway. I may have forgotten to mention it but they were back in Orlando for this, which was cool. Spud is able to roll up Ki to retain after the Galloway distraction.

MVP is not pleased and he calls out Drew Galloway for a beating. Galloway cuts a promo about "standing up" and is joined by the former Camacho and Shawn Ricker. They run to the ring with him and we get a big brawl. The promo part of this was good as Galloway has been cutting passionate promos and Kenny King got in some great stuff. I've enjoyed this feud. After the battle, MVP tells the BDC to chill and that they are going to "call him" because he's ready. I guess Samoa Joe is getting replaced. Moving on, Awesome Kong has staked her claim for the Knockouts Championship. She would face former Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher, who has an entrance that should never be skipped. If she ever gets the jobber entrance I quit TNA. This was your standard Kong match as the smaller opponent does her best to come out of the gate strong, but Kong just overpowers them. Kong wins in about five minutes and then tries to put Brooke through a table. Instead, the Knockouts Champion, Taryn Terrell appears to make the save. Unfortunately for her, their brawl ends when Taryn is powerbombed through the table. TNA continues to deliver great Knockouts stuff week in and week out.

Highlights are shown of Kurt Angle winning the World Title last week. Backstage, Austin Aries says that Angle deserves a celebration tonight, but he may have one of his own and he shows off the briefcase. I really need him to successfully cash in. Before we get to the celebration, Koya attacks Jeff Hardy but gets beaten with beer bottles. To the ring, Kurt ANgle comes out to thank the fans for supporting him. I really don't want him as champion. Thankfully, EC3 is out to save this segment! He brings up his resume and how he's beaten every TNA Hall of Famer, including Angle. Out comes Bobby Roode, who puts over Angle before saying he deserves it. Eric Young interrupts, but not to win the title, to badmouth Roode. I guess their feud isn't over. He does say he holds the fate of the World TItle, which brings out Austin Aries. Angle says he'll fight anybody and leaves his own celebration. A brawl ensues and Mr. Anderson comes out. Poor EC3, and Tyrus, are the only non former World Champions. This leads to a six man tag pitting EC3, Tyrus and EY against Aries, Roode and Anderson. This wasn't great and ends with EY using the Figure Four to make Aries tap out. Not a fan of that boking decision.

Bram makes his way to the ring, saying "coward". He says that's the best way to describe Magnus before running down Mickie James and his kid. Magnus and Mickie interrupt. Magnus challenges him to a fight and they trade insults but because this is TNA, we have to have this result in another brawl. Mickie gets involved but neither guy fully takes control. Next week we get Angle/Lashley II for the title, Bram/Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match and Roode/Young again. The next segment is the main event, as Jeff Hardy meets James Storm in Six Sides of Steel. It was a pretty good match, with a fair amount of weapons involved, and I really liked the cowbell being brought in for story purposes. Hardy wins and gets some revenge after a big splash in around fifteen minutes.

This was a step down from the last two weeks. TNA had been on a great roll but this show was kind of just there. It wasn't bad by any means but nothing really stood out. However, the show not being bad is a step up for TNA after I stopped watching them a while back. 6/10.

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