Sunday, May 31, 2015

Elimination Chamber Predictions

A few weeks ago on Smackdown, Neville squashed Bo Dallas in like two minutes. Why should I think Dallas is any sort of threat to him on Pay-Per-View? I like Bo and have enjoyed the leg work during the buildup, but this is an easy win for Neville. I do hope that if Rusev is unfortunately unable to compete, this becomes a situation where the winner goes into the Chamber. Neville with the Red Arrow.

Winner: Neville

I really wish that we got qualifying matches or something here. It's better than just randomly picking teams. Let's get the obvious out of the way here. Los Matadores aren't winning. Honestly, the Ascension won't either thanks to their horrid main roster booking. The Prime Time Players are highly entertaining but I see them losing here. Maybe sometime down the line but not here. That leaves the top three teams in the division. I love Tyson Kidd and Cesaro and they are the best team in the company right now but they aren't winning the titles back yet. The Lucha Dragons are the popular pick as the hot new team who will impress in the Chamber. However, I'm going with the New Day. The incredibly fun and entertaining trio will retain via underhanded tactics.

Winners: The New Day

Nikki Bella has been really good in 2015. Not NXT girl good, but the best on the main roster. Her chemistry with Paige has produced good matches but the ones with Naomi have been lackluster. I honestly don't want to see her reign end here. Naomi isn't good enough to be deserving of ending it and while I'd love Paige to get an extended run with the title but I don't see it happening. Honestly, Charlotte should get called up and overthrow Nikki. That would be great if Nikki was still a heel but she turned face for no reason. I don't understand main roster creative sometimes. Anyway, I don't think she's earned it, but Naomi to win here.

Winner: Naomi

Seriously, how does R-Truth keep getting in these things? Also, with the report that Rusev may be out, I wonder what they do here. Regardless, I don't see him, R-Truth or Dolph Ziggler winning. Truth for obvious reasons and I see Rusev and Ziggler feuding over Lana for a bit. King Barrett is already king a five time Intercontinental Champion so I doubt that happens. Part of me would be okay with Ryback winning since he's the most over guy in recent memory to not win any sort of title. You know who that leaves don't you? Sheamus. The guy has won a ton in his career. US Title, WWE Title, World Heavyweight Title, Royal Rumble and King of the Ring. I sense he adds the IC Title to the list, solidifying his really good heel turn.

Winner: Sheamus

Despite a Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose match and two Elimination Chambers, there is nothing on the card more intriguing than this. For two weeks so far, Owens has looked legit in the eyes of main roster viewers. However, kicking Cena's ass leading into PPVs usually doesn't bode well for young talent. Hell, just facing Cena on PPV isn't usually good. Just ask Ryback, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Wade Barrett, etc. Who knows though? Maybe we get a CM Punk or Daniel Bryan situation and Cena loses. Honestly though, I think the best move is for neither guy to get pinned. Don't have the US Champion lose clean and don't have the NXT Champion lose his first main roster match. I think Owens hits the apron powerbomb or something and this ends in some sort of dusty finish.

Winner: John Cena via disqualification

When I first heard about the IC Title Elimination Chamber, I wanted it to headline. However, knowing now that the title match is between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, I'm all for this closing things out. They showed at SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell and various TV matches that they can absolutely deliver. Their chemistry is off the charts and I'm sure this will be another great match. Considering this show was a late addition and considering I don't think the WWE is ready to strap the rocket on Dean Ambrose just yet, Seth retains here. I actually don't see him dropping the strap until at least SummerSlam.

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