Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lucha Underground 6/29/16 Review

If my math is right, this is our final week before the three part Ultima Lucha finale begins. Melissa Santos looks fantastic tonight.

King Cuerno def. Mil Muertes w/ Catrina in 4:28
I was surprised to see this match here because I felt like it would be an Ultima Lucha battle. The crowd was split between the two. They went right after each other and it felt like they hated each other. Cuerno got to do his awesome bow and arrow suicide dive spot. The referee got taken out during the dive, so Cuerno grabbed a steel chair and hit Mil, who no sold it. Mil stopped a second shot with a right hand. Mil whacks him in the back with it and wedges it in the corner but gets sent into it. Cuerno pins him and uses the ropes for leverage to steal it. Fine, short match that might set up a rematch at Ultima Lucha. **1/2

In Dario's office, Taya and Ivelisse are seated. Dario put over Ivelisse as a great Trios Champion, but Taya says it was because she had two men doing the heavy lifting. Dario wants to see who the real "baddest bitch" is and they will fight at Ultima Lucha. Dario's charisma is phenomenal. Catrina walks in as Ivelisse leaves and Ivelisse says she hasn't forgotten about her. Catrina is there to ask for a rematch with Cuerno, but Dario just laughs in her face. He doesn't want to give them anything but Catrina wants a death match. Dario says he hates her but she knows just what to say to get him excited. Hilariously, Catrina looks a this crotch as he says that.

Prince Puma def. Dragon Azteca Jr. w/ Rey Mysterio in 8:39
The former Trios Champions members collide here. Their start is incredibly fast paced and they do a good job of playing then as relatively equal. Puma did a great job of catching a diving Dragon and tossing him into the ring post. They've done well with showing a more confident and aggressive Puma. Both guys strutted their athleticism stuff, which is great considering it is their strong suits. Dragon busted out a sweet wheelbarrow driver off the second rope when Puma took too long for the 630, getting a near fall. Puma got as aggressive as ever, suplexing Dragon into the corner and hitting the spinning Michinoku Driver for two. Puma hit a big shotgun dropkick and won with the 630. An awesome match as they fit a lot into the short time, while also telling the story of Puma's growing confidence. His looks over to Rey as if to say "I'm better than you" were top notch. ***3/4

Prince Puma got in Rey Mysterio's face and they had a stare down.

Dario Cueto is out to hype Ultima Lucha. In the ring with him is the Mack, Cage, Son of Havoc and Texano. To kickoff Ultima Lucha Dos, he has plans for them. They will be entered into the first "Unique Opportunity" Tournament, which is called "4 a Unique Opportunity".He promises the winner will get the greatest unique opportunity he's ever given out. Dario then gets all four men to attack each other.

They run down the Ultma Lucha card. It looks like this.

- 4 A Unique Opportunity: Cage vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc vs. Texano
- Death Match: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes
- Dream Match: Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
- Black Lotus vs. Dragon Azteca Jr.
- Ivelisse vs. Taya
- Gift of the Gods Championship: Daga vs. Killshot vs. Marty the Moth vs. Mariposa vs. Night Claw vs. Sexy Star vs. Siniestro de la Muerta
- Trios Championship: Jack Evans, Johny Mundo and PJ Black (c) vs. Aerostar, Drago and Fenix
- Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (c) vs. Pentagon Jr.

Johnny Mundo w/ Taya def. Fenix in 7:53
As expected from these two, we get a fast paced match. Not quite on the level of Azteca/Puma, but still quick. Fenix is so impressive, especially on a fancy springboard spin kick which was instantly followed by a sunset flip bomb. The Mundo/Taya pairing has grown on me and was good here. She had good timing with her heel tactics. She made sure to move Mundo's Trios Title to the apron, setting it up for the finish. Fenix hits the top rope Spanish Fly but Taya distracts the referee. Mundo takes the title and whacks Fenix to steal the victory. Good match, though I would have preferred Puma/Azteca to main event. ***1/4

After the match, Jack Evans and PJ Black come out. They all, with Taya, celebrate and put the boots to Fenix. Aerostar, Drago and Ivelisse show up to even things out. They all brawl until Ivelisse tosses Taya outside and the heels are sent packing.

Overall: 7/10. Lucha Underground had a really good go-home show tonight. They set up some new matches for Ultima Lucha Dos, while building up most of them. They set up Cuerno/Muertes well and the last two matches were good, especially Puma/Azteca. I'll have to watch it a second time to get a better feel for it though.

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