Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lucha Underground "Loser Leaves Lucha" Review

Matt Striker and Vampiro tell us that Chavo Guerrero Sr. is in the crowd. Dario Cueto says he talks too much and cuts him off because it's time for DARIO'S DIAL OF DOOM! The spin lands on "Dario's Choice." He teases Rey Mysterio and Pentagon Dark but chooses someone who had his arm broken by Pentagon...Cortez Castro.

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza Cueto (c) w/ Dario Cueto def. Cortez Castro in 2:19
So this is Castro's punishment for being a cop. We get a trademark Dario RING THE BELL! Cortez tried to work slowly and safely but Matanza just re-broke his arm AND THE CAST! Matanza beats him handily with the Wrath of the Gods. I won't rate this since it was an unfair squash but the broken cast spot was dope.

In Dario's office, Dario and Joey Ryan are laughing at Cortez Castro's injury. Joey leaves and Son of Havoc comes in with Mascarita Sagrada. Mascarita wants a match against Famous B. Dario says that if Havoc can beat Dr. Wagner Jr. tonight, Mascarita gets his match and Havoc can pick the stipulation. If Wagner wins, he gets to pick the stip. Dario makes some short jokes that he finds hilarious.

Prince Puma is in the ring. He reminds the fans that he beat Mil Muertes two weeks ago but that isn't enough for the man who put Konnan in a coffin. He wants to do the same to Mil and challenges him to a Grave Consequences match. The lovely Catrina appears atop the stage and glagly accepts. Muertes comes in from behind, in a dashing ass suit. He fires away on Puma, but Puma turns it around and gets in shots. Puma sent him outside and teased a dive but posed instead. That match should rule. I have the first two Puma/Muertes matches at ****1/4 and ***3/4 and the two Grave Consequences matches at ****1/2 and ***3/4.

Son of Havoc w/ Mascarita Sagrada def. Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ Famous B and Brenda in 5:33
Famous B shit on the fans and put over Wagner and Brenda before the match. Havoc send Wagner outside quickly and followed with suicide dives. They did a fair amount of brawling. Inside, Wagner hit a awkward back suplex for two. Famous B and Brenda reacted to everything hilariously outside. Havoc pulled out the win with a shooting star press. Fine little match. Didn't really stand out though. **1/4

Son of Havoc gets on the microphone and allows Mascarita to choose the match type. He whispers in Havoc's ear and Famous B vs. Mascarita will be a Believer's Backlash match!

We got another White Rabbit video package.

Next week, Puma vs. Muertes in Grave Consequences!

Loser Leaves Lucha: Rey Mysterio Jr. def. Chavo Guerrero in 13:41
I've admitted that this rivalry doesn't excite me. I didn't care for their feuds in WWE either. At least it will be over here. They work at a good pace early on. They know each other so well that even at their age, things move smoothly. Chavo Sr. at ringside gets some screen time throughout this. Chavo takes over and gets "Chavo sucks" chants while working over Rey. Chavo did the Three Amigos but Rey sets up for the 619. Chavo Sr. comes in with a chair and hits his son. He gets the referee to call the DQ, giving Chavo the win. BUT WAIT! Dario Cueto comes out of his office and gets upset with the referee for calling a DQ because Dario loves violence. He restarts the match with no DQ rules. Rey avoids a chair shot from Chavo Sr. and sends both into 619 position. He only hits Sr. and they tease Chavo winning with a half crab. Rey fought out and eventually won with the 619. Pretty good match. I enjoyed the Chavo Sr. tease and Dario not being a stereotypical authority figure in wrestling. **3/4

Overall: 6/10. Another average show this season. Chavo and Rey had a fine match and the Havoc/Wagner match was decent but something was missing again. There wasn't a lot of story advancement. The Puma/Muertes segment ruled and I even enjoyed Matanza killing Cortez.

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