Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lucha Underground 7/5/17 Review

We opened to a shot of Dante Fox jogging, only to have flashbacks from his time as a POW. His rescue, just seconds before being beheaded, was also shown.

Cueto Cup First Round Match: PJ Black vs. Sexy Star
Sexy Star vs. The Worldwide Underground continues! PJ worked the arm and used his power advantage, something he doesn't get to do often. Sexy retaliated with her quickness. A super rana from Sexy was the highlight of her offensive outburst. Things were going smoothly until Taya arrived and tripped Sexy. PJ failed at using brass knux and when Sexy tried using them, the referee caught her and called for the DQ at 4:14. Lame finish that hurt a fun little match. At least Striker explained the rare DQ by saying the referee's were told to be extra strict during the tournament. [**]

Another excellent Mundo/Mysterio hype video was shown. I wasn't excited for the match, but even I'm interested after these videos.

Cueto Cup First Round Match: Son of Havoc vs. Son of Madness
Everyone was weirded out by the Son of Madness stuff. They brawled on the steps and commentary noted that Havoc seemed to recognize Madness. There were a few fun moments as they played up the doppleganger stuff, with each guy knowing what the other would do. Madness is the bigger version, so Havoc had to fight from behind, which worked because he's way over. In the end, Havoc missed the Shooting Star Press and kicked out of a school boy. He then immediately used his own to advance at 8:42. I enjoyed this. It had a fair amount of action, while telling the story of how well they knew each other and how Havoc did just enough to survive. [***1/4]

Madness jumped Havoc after the match and stole his vest

Cueto Cup First Round Match: Prince Puma vs. Ricky Mandel
We got dark Puma tonight, as he had his hoodie on. Mandel is the big Mundo fan, who was introduced as a Worldwide Underground intern. He cut a promo, only to get hit with a huge knee strike. Puma kicked his ass and won via sitout driver at 1:12. Exactly what it needed to be. [NR]

In the back, Rey Mysterio met up with Dragon Azteca Jr. He said he wouldn't miss Dragon's comeback. Dragon said he would win the tournament and face Rey for the title at Ultima Lucha. Prince Puma arrived (THE FORMER TRIOS CHAMP REUNITE!) and told Rey to beat Mundo so he can get his Ultima Lucha rematch, which he promised not to lose.

Next week, round two begins. Paul London faces Mil Muertes, Jeremiah Crane takes on Taya and Fenix faces Marty Martinez!

Cueto Cup First Round Match: Dante Fox vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. w/ Rey Mysterio Jr.
This had potential to be the best match of the first round. They delivered the kind of match I was hoping for. It was fast paced and had non-stop action. These are two hella athletic guys and they showcased it here. From a Spanish Fly to dives outside to ranas, I got what I wanted. Then, things got dulled down by run-ins. The Worldwide Underground attacked Mysterio to soften him up for Mundo. Azteca went to save his mentor and it cost him. Once back inside, he ate a superkick and the Fox Catcher to lose in 9:03. Lots of cool stuff in here, only to get overshadowed by the stuff in the end. It adds intrigue and sets up a potential angle between Mysterio and Azteca. [***]

Overall: 7/10. An episode mostly focused on wrestling and less on the wild stories, but it still worked. Two of the matches are good, one is decent and the other allowed Puma to dominate. The intrigue of Puma's recent stuff is great, while the possibility of Azteca/Mysterio sounds dope.

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