Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lucha Underground "Bloodlines" Review

The Cueto Cup continues and Gift of the Gods Medallions are on the line!

Gift of the Gods Aztec Medallion: The Rabbit Tribe vs. The Worldwide Underground w/ Jack Evans
Ricky Mandel was dressed just like Johnny Mundo. The winning trio would all get medallions. There wasn't much to this. Taya got some shine, while the Rabbit Tribe were pretty fun. Paul London's excitement at Taya hitting running knees on him and his buddy in the corner was comical. As expected, Madel was the weak link, losing to a London SSP at 4:27. Decent fun. [**]

Worldwide Underground's new manager was not happy with their loss and neither was Johnny Mundo. Mundo decided to keep them around but the manager wanted them fired. However, Mundo told them to step up.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinals: Jeremiah Crane vs. Mil Muertes w/ Catrina
There's a little extra behind this, with Crane and Catrina's mysterious past. Mil jumped Crane during his entrance before the commercial. When they returned, Dario officially made it a No DQ outing and Mil just tossed him through a door. They brawled around the Temple before entering the ring for the official start. They still went back outside, where Crane lapped the ring, only to run into a huge spear. The violence only got amped up, including a backbreaker on chairs, slamming a chair onto an open chair onto Mil's throat, a powerbomb on a table and a cannonball through another. Crane made the mistake of jumping into a Flatliner to lose in 14:04. The intensity to that was off the charts. A great, violent brawl that was the kind of thing I love from Lucha Underground. [***3/4]

Post-match, Catrina kissed Crane on the mouth, causing Mil to hit him with another Flatliner.

An FBI agent entered Dario Cueto's office, as the order's official replacement for Delgado. Dario was unaware of Delgado's death, but said he never liked him anyway. The order isn't upset because everyone who has a God placed in their body has some issues. He said he's a Pentagon Dark fan and that everyone's flesh will fry when the "great war" comes. The order is everywhere and they'll make sure Gods rule again.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinals: Pentagon Dark vs. Texano
During this match, Famous B and Brenda came down, since they're courting Texano as a client. Texano and Pentagon had a solid brawl, which worked to the strengths of both men. Texano busted out an Indian death lock, which was very surprising. I don't believe I've ever seen him do that. After he got a near fall on a leg lariat, Famous B slid in a horseshoe. Pentagon intercepted and whacked Texano with it to win at 6:09. It started with some good action, but became more about Famous B once he showed up. [**1/2]

After the match, Pentagon looked to break Texano's arm. Famous B entered to stop him, telling Pentagon to back off. Pentagon superkicked him and broke his arm. Not done, he also broke Brenda's arm. Petagon remains wildly over despite his stalled momentum.

Next week, we get the semi-finals of Puma vs. Fenix and Pentagon vs. Muertes. Despite those guys being the Mt. Rushmore of Lucha Underground, and there being a Mil/Pentagon feud in season two, those matches feel fresh. Kudos to the booking.

In the police station, Catrina appeared in Captain Vasquez's office. They knew each other and Vasquez said she needs her help with Cage's gauntlet. Vasquez said she gave Catrina life with the medallion they share. There was a fantastic shot of them both holding the medallions at similar angles to form one. She said the only man who can get the gauntlet is Mil. OH MY GOD THE POTENTIAL IN MIL VS. CAGE! Catrina said she's in purgatory, in between life and death because of the medallion. Vasquez offered her half of the medallion, losing her own immortality, if Catrina could get the gauntlet. It was revealed that VASQUEZ IS CATRINA'S MOTHER! WHAT? Love the plot twist.

Overall: 7.5/10. This is one of those episodes that Lucha Underground does so well. The Crane/Muertes match was the only thing to stand out from an in-ring perspective, but this show nailed everything else. Pentagon's post-match stuff, the FBI agent/Dario angle and the big Catrina moment at the end were all awesome.

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