Friday, July 18, 2014

NXT/Superstars Report

NXT opened with a tag team match. The main problem that NXT has suffered from is a lackluster tag team division. The divas on NXT get more shine than the ones on the main roster and there are singles stars, but the tag division has been The Ascension and nothing more. However, both the Vaudevillains and Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady have shown some potential. Not only that, but the Legionnaires interrupted to distract Big Cass and allow the Vaudevillains to win. Solid little match and tag team wrestling is heating up in NXT.

CJ Parker met Xavier Woods in the next match and one of my tweets appeared at the bottom of the screen for the third straight week. Giving myself a pat on the back here. The match was decent as I'm not a big fan of Parker's ring work, but he makes his character work which is important. Not much of note here but CJ Parker won.

Divas on NXT are easily one of highlights. Next week, it's announced that Summer Rae gets her Women's Championship match against Charlotte in the explosion of the BFFs. The seemingly forgotten BFF, Sasha Banks, was in action against the upstart Alexa Bliss. A few weeks ago, Bliss beat Banks and shortly before that, she upset former Divas Champion Alicia Fox during the Women's Title Tournament. Alexa blows glitter in her entrance the same way that Stardust blows stars. Sasha, is in my opinion, the best worker of the BFF group and she won here with her sick new submission move. Seriously good stuff.

Tyler Breeze was interviewed in awesome fashion backstage. He says that he hasn't rushed to his title shot because he injured his finger during a devastating hand modeling incident. Just great writing right there. They aired his music video once more and it's still pretty fantastic. Adam Rose defeated Jason Jordan in a return to NXT. They say that Jordan's partner, Tye Dillinger, who you may or may not remember as Gavin Spears from ECW in 2009, is injured. Adam Rose still hasn't done much to impress me in-ring wise, but I do think the character works. Added bonus, Jojo from Total Divas Season 1 was a rosebud and it's always fun spotting rosebuds you recognize. 

Devin Taylor interviews Kalisto when he's interrupted by the Vaudevillains. They arrive to their theme and stay silent while Kalisto speaks. Funny stuff. He says he will get a partner to face them next week. Main event time as Sami Zayn went one on one with Tyson Kidd. I always knew this would be a great match and it was. Tyson Kidd does still struggle in his promos, but he's doing some fine work down in NXT. This is probably the happiest he's been in a long time. Meanwhile, I don't think Sami Zayn can have a bad match. He once again stole the show tonight and should have an extremely bright future. He would win a hard fought match in about 11 minutes with the Koji Clutch. Great main event.

After last week's episode not being great, NXT returned to form with a really good episode. The only way to follow up NXT for me, is to enjoy some of the endlessly adorable Renee Young on commentary during Superstars. The show opened with a match between two Total Divas, Naomi and Rosa Mendes. The WWE is going to give Mendes TV time heading into the new season of Total Divas, so prepare for some bad matches. This one wasn't terrible though and the right girl won as Naomi got some momentum before her match with Cameron on the Battleground kick off.

Because it's Superstars, it was filled with a lot of Raw and Main Event recaps to fill out the hour, since there are only two matches on Superstars. In the main event, Ryback and R-Truth went at it. Man, look at how far Ryback has fallen. At least he's gone on record saying that he's very happy with Curtis Axel and they're making the best of it by becoming an entertaining tag team. Another solid little match that Ryback won. Superstars was decent as I'd expect. There are no photos that I could really find for this match, so I leave you with some Sting because I'm about to pre-order WWE 2K15.

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